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Well OK then - AMA moms

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How are my AMA mama's doing?

Re: Well OK then - AMA moms

  • Ok, but wishing my old body had the energy and resiliency of my ten-years-ago body!

    I am glad my OB's office hasn't made a big deal about my age. It's barely even been mentioned, other than that I would be offered some more tests due to my age.
  • I'm doing good so far (I'm approaching 36). My OB made a little joke about being AMA but it didn't bother me because I was glad that we would get the NIPT covered by insurance. I am concerned about the recovery of my repeat c-section though now that I'm older... my last one was when I was 25.
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  • I’m feeling like i got run over by a truck! but I guess I’m ok haha. I gotta say I’m more worried about my weight than age, sigh. Seeing “obesity in pregnancy” in my diagnoses stung a lot more than AMA. Didn’t have that 4 years ago with my son ugh. I noticed my OB didn’t add the obesity diagnosis until i had hypertension added as well. But i was happy to have NIPT covered due to AMA lol. 
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  • The nurse prac. that I had my first pregnancy appointment with didn’t believe that I was turning 35...she actually looked it up on her computer and said, “well, you just bought yourself a ticket to MFM!” This was before I even knew it was twins. This pregnancy is definitely different than my last three. Hoping to get some energy back soon!
  • At 41 with my first successful (so far) pregnancy I was guaranteed AMA status and I'm 265 as of this morning so I also have the obesity thing. I was at MFM prior to our first IVF transfer. They increased my folic acid to 2400 units instead of 400-600 like most women. My body is hating this...the aches and pains at night, the peeing, the pressure. NOPE my body is like "are we done with this experiment yet?" 
    Baby Nugget is going to be an only child and I'm OK with that. 
  • This AMA pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. My doc just matter of factly mentioned I'm AMA and moved on.  All the ultrasounds and stuff for his practice are always done at MFM so that's not anything AMA-specific.  I don't think I'm having any additional appointments, so meh.  So far, it's been the same as my last pregnancy.  I might be feeling my age a little more though -- I'm way more fatigued than I was last pregnancy, but I also have a toddler this time, so that might be it.  Haha. 
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  • I feel like I’m the one worrying about AMA when I visit my doctor. He hasn’t even mentioned it once. His only concern was my short cervix at 30 weeks with my last pregnancy. I ended up in hospital for two weeks and bed rest until I delivered at 37+4. I’m really hoping for better circumstances this time around. 
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