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SPD-Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - 27WKS

Is anyone dealing with this? Like severe pain in the pubic bone region? Not constant, but spikes at certain times/activities and is super painful.. going to talk to my doc next week at checkup, but curious if anyone has dealt with it and how to help the pain. I’ve worn a belt and it hasn’t helped at all.

Re: SPD-Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - 27WKS

  • I've dealt with this... I had to use chiropractic and that helped immensely.  There are also mamastrong workouts tailored specifically for us lucky spd sufferers.  GL!  Let us know if it improves for you at all!  I know it's miserable. 😔
  • Yeah, I have a really severe case of it that had me out of my second job around 6 months (serving). Fortunately I have a telecommuting gig I can still do. My husband has to flip me over like a pancake in bed just so I can get up. Due date is today so hopefully not too much longer with it! 

    I never really did anything to "treat" the pain, I just paid attention to my limits... eventually. Since every case is different, I think that's my biggest piece of coping advice. Understand what your limits are when you have SPD and don't blame yourself for not being able to do things like you used to. I struggled a lot with the sudden physical limitations and pushed myself and ended up really hurting myself one day. I couldn't walk without assistance for days. (I also have 3 extruding discs in my lumbar so I'm not saying it'll get that bad for you lol.)

    Just be careful, ask for help, don't worry if you can't vacuum or put on your shoes without help. Chiropractor is a great rec, especially if it starts to trigger sciatica. And good luck! I sympathize! You got this!
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