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Halloween 2020

Hello!!! What will you do this year on Halloween ?🎃What ideas of presents ? 
And will you celebrate at all? 

Re: Halloween 2020

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    My son really like this day. So we will design suits for whole family. Because my hubby and I also like to have a small party 
    usually I buy a lot of candies for another children.
    Just have a fun
    oh if somebody have an idea of suit for 3 y o son please help  :)
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    edited September 2020
    My lovely girl is too young for the Halloween, but her brother is really willing to dress up very frightfully!
    So, I am in process of creating a costume)
    And we won`t forget about the candies for the other kids!
    What kind of present would you like to find?
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    Thanks for you answer ) I think you can make a costume of hero from cartoon or fairy tale )))

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    Thanks for your answer))) 
    I think some little toys , sweets ))) 
    May be something else )

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    Where do you plan to get costumes and props for this holiday?
    I'm afraid there won't be time to do everything with my own hands
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