3rd Trimester

Short Long Bones at 38 weeks

Hi everyone! In need of some insight...

At 36 weeks my fundal height measured small, but my midwives agreed that it could just be how I'm carrying. I went back for my 38 week appt and I still measured small. They ordered a wellness scan for the next day. I went and this is what they found.

Baby boy's long bones (femur and humerus) are measuring 35 wks. His chest and head are okay, all organs good to go, and there are no signs of dysplasia or fracturing. They even pointed out good bicep growth. Baby is 6 lbs. 12oz, 27th percentile.

This is the first time any sort of skeletal issue has been detected on a scan. All of my tests have been normal up until this point.

My husband and I are both 5'8", and they suggested that my husband's background could factor into this measurement. Still, they didn't reach a conclusion as to why the long bones were measuring short and gave me the, "At this point, all we can tell you is that your baby is going to be a little short. He'll be healthy, but you need to follow up closely with your pediatrician."

But what if something is actually wrong? I just have no idea what this means, how to accommodate the baby so he's comfortable, the overall health implications ... I'm trying to let it go, because "healthy birth" is all I should need to hear, but my anxiety is through the roof.

I just want everything to be okay. 
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