Anyone struggling with potential food allergy/sensitivity to proteins passed on via breast milk?

In the first few months of becoming a new mom, I was struggling with figuring out if our infant was sensitive to food proteins present in my breast milk. Our son has eczema but more worrisome were his large and excessive spit-ups. This overtime turned into GER/GERD like symptoms. The meticulously burping him, holding him upright for at least 30 minutes after each feed and not overfeeding him didn't help. Our amazing pediatrician suggested elimination diet for me to identify trigger foods, before resorting to reflux medications. After a lot of trial and error with meticulous tracking of which foods I ate and when his symptoms got worse, I found the trigger food - cow’s milk! 

Along the way I learned that there were a lot of hidden names of cow’s milk peptides in processed foods (such as whey and casein), and that it can take up to 4 weeks to see the improvement in infant’s symptoms. For me only eliminating milk/yogurt/cheese/butter did not work. I had to eliminate all foods that contained any of the milk peptides and after ~3 weeks, I saw a dramatic difference in his symptoms.

A close friend had to eliminate three trigger foods (cow’s milk, soy and eggs) for her baby girl struggling with bloody stools and gaining weight. I have heard a few more of such cases of food sensitivities. But I wonder truly how common it is and what is the most optimal way of finding these trigger foods? It took me about 2 stressful months of trial and error to be sure it was cow’s milk. Did anyone else go through a similar experience?? I would love if you could share your experience:

Re: Anyone struggling with potential food allergy/sensitivity to proteins passed on via breast milk?

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    sorry about the multiple posts - looks like I clicked on "submit" too many times with the slow responding internet!!
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    Milk protein intolerances are pretty common. Other food intolerances can exist as well, so luckily you were able to pinpoint it. It is tough, but definitely something they can grow out of.
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