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32 week ultrasound showed small abdomenal circumference

Had a 32 week ultrasound yesterday and all the measurements taken were perfectly on track except my LO's abdomenal circumference which was in the 14th percentile and showing it was more around a 30wk size.  They said they would check the measurement again at 36 weeks and if it is still on the small side I would be considered a high risk pregnancy and would possibly need to be induced.  Just wondering about other families experience with this.  What should I be asking questions about?  Did you end up needing an induction? Should I be worried my kiddo will spend his first few days/weeks in the NICU?  Any feedback helps!  Thanks in advance!

Re: 32 week ultrasound showed small abdomenal circumference

  • How did it go? I'm in the same boat.. my baby abdomen circumference and head circumference is smaller by one week.. i am at 35 weeks 4 days.. dr thinks my placenta is not working as should be..i will be having a c section at 37 weeks..i hope both our babies are well at birth.. 
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  • I have GD so I needed a growth ultrasound at 28 weeks. They told me baby’s abdomen was in the 9th percentile. And now at my 33 week growth ultrasound she is in the 9th percentile of her abdomen. They are having me do NST twice a week, umbilical artery ultrasounds weekly and another growth ultrasound at 36 weeks. They consider this uterine growth restriction. Also having gestational diabetes I needed to be induced at 39 weeks, but now I feel that they will induce me even earlier. Right now it’s just a lot of monitoring. I hope everything will be okay. And just know I will do whatever they tell me to do in order to have a healthy baby and safe delivery. 
  • I did a US now at 28 w and the baby’s head is measuring < 3 %. Nobody said a thing - I am nervous. :(
  • At 20 weeks my kiddos head was measuring 2 weeks behind everything else. They said it was totally normal for measurements to be different by a week or so in either direction. He’s almost 3 now and his head is totally normal - just not huge.
  • I'm having the opposite problem. This baby is measuring bigger than normal. He averages 2 weeks ahead at 32 weeks gest. I'm now 35 weeks which means if he is still growing at the same rate he is the size of a 37 week baby. I'm not having any complications so I'm concerned about how big he will be if we go the full 40 weeks. My ob is concerned as well. Not as bad as I am mind you, but I'm worried about the chance of an emergency c-section being an outcome. I'm done after this baby. 
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