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My lady is 14 weeks pregnant and just randomly broke up with me. We've been together for 7 months now and everything has been perfect until now. No arguments or anything like that ever outside of a time of a time or 2 of her getting mad at me due to misunderstandings on her part but easily fixed. This love came out of nowhere but we both stated our intentions early on and they were aligned. The pregnancy was a surprise but for the most part it seemed to make the relationship much more stronger. I don't have any significant personal issues but this pregnancy has motivated me to be an even better man to her and our future child. 2 days ago I got the dreaded "it's not you, it's me, i need space" speech through text and honestly the heartache is unmatched. I responded in a genuinely supporting fashion just not to burden her with how I feel about it but I'm not ok. I immediately realize, not only has the love of my life just evaluated her life and decided she doesn't want me but now I'm just a visitor in the pregnancy experience of my first child. I've been careful my whole life about who I have sex with and even more so unprotected for this very reason, I want a family under one roof and not a co-parenting scenario. I just really needed to vent my feelings somewhere because at this point I'm to embarrassed to talk to anyone else about it. I feel like I've failed at a relationship and starting a family. Hoping someone could give me some perspective, wise words, or advice. It's much appreciated.
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