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All Trimester Check-in Aug 31

  • How far along/EDD?
  • How are you feeling this week?
  • Rants/Raves? Questions?
  • Any upcoming appointments?
  • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil?

Also! Feel free to post pics of nurseries and bumps.


@cashewchicken EDD 8/8 - Baby girl is here! Yay!!

@businesswife EDD 8/21 - Baby girl is here! Yay!!

@31magnolia EDD 9/8 (Girl)

@artemis618 EDD 9/2 (Boy) Baby boy  is here! Yay!!

@mtpbadger EDD 11/13

@vetgirl2011 EDD 11/17

@omarismyhomeboy EDD 12/24

@the_road_to_oz EDD 12/31

@laurelew EDD 3/4

@Kimbrlyg814 EDD 3/4

madasm0530 EDD 4/3

@lucyb1954 EDD 3/17

Re: All Trimester Check-in Aug 31

    • How far along/EDD? Dec 31/ 22 weeks
    • How are you feeling this week? (Tw) This has been a hard hard week. Last week I had preterm labor (contractions were 5 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds 😱😱😱)  then last night I had a bright red gush of blood. So I’m on bed rest, and seeing the Mfm to look at the placenta on Thursday.  I also had a picc line inserted to help with the symptoms from the HG. 
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? I’m having a really hard time connecting with the baby. Like at this point I feel like I’d be surprised if she gets here. I canceled my sprinkle, I’ve done very little to prep for her. 🤷‍♀️ 
    • Any upcoming appointments? Mfm on Thursday- my mom is going to take me, the OB doesn’t want me driving that far
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil?  Dh doesn’t COMPLETELY finish  tasks. I ask him to put away the pizza- he will, but he’ll leave out the pizza BOX. I asked him to weed the front garden. He did- he left the weeds in front of it until I noticed. Like- I shouldn’t have to ask “please weed the garden bed, remove the weeds and put them in the garbage can” 😡

    Also! Feel free to post pics of nurseries and bumps.

    [Deleted User]
    • How far along/EDD? 9+3, due 4/3
    • How are you feeling this week? still pretty nauseous in the mornings and tired in the evenings but to be expected. almost out of the first tri!!
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? I will talk to my OB about this next week but wondering if I'll be able to do the NT and NIPT testing because of the vanishing twin. It was nice last time because I was able to put my mind at ease and enjoy my pregnancy. I'm worried if I can't do it I'll be a ball of nerves until my 20 week appt.
    • Any upcoming appointments? I had an ultrasound this morning and graduated from my RE. Baby was measuring 9+2 and had a heartrate of 178bpm - so fast! I had to look up what DS' was at 8 weeks and it was exactly the same. I am meeting with my new NP next Tuesday and then no appointments for awhile. 
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? There are quite a few but most are grammar related; "it's a whole nother thing" - nother isn't a word. "supposably", "irregardless". 

    hitched 5/2009 -- Me 34, DH 39

    TTC #1:
    dx with POCS 7/2009
    TTC on & off since 1/2012
    September 2012; Surprise BFP - MC
    June - December 2013; Clomid/Femara + Trigger + TI = BFN x 4
    April - May 2016; Femara + TI = BFN x 2
    July 2016 - December 2016; Gonal-F + Ovidren + IUI = BFN x 3
    May 2018 - IVF #1; 8 snowbabies. transferred 1 embryo - CP
    August 2018 - FET #1 -- Healthy Baby Boy  <3

    TTC #2:
    July 2020 FET; beta 1 310, beta 2 1278

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  • @the_road_to_oz - That sounds like a hard week! I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.  I can't imagine. They couldn't get you in sooner than Thursday??  
    On a side note, your pet peeve made me LOL. You would think they would get it, but sometimes they just don't. 

    @madasm0530 - It's so nice when the nausea ends!

    [Deleted User]
    • How far along/EDD? 29w4d / Nov 13 (which I just realized is a Friday the 13th!)
    • How are you feeling this week? Very pregnant! This baby also does not stop moving and it’s quite distracting. Even when I’m moving around (when it should be sleeping!) I feel kicks and rolls. We installed the infant car seat and I’ve started washing all the baby clothes. DD came at 32 weeks so want to be all prepared before then!
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? Counting down to Oct 1 and hoping this baby stays put till then (I’ll qualify for 12 weeks paid leave!) so a little anxious about that
    • Any upcoming appointments? Sept 14 for growth scan and OB. Hoping I’ll get my flu shot then as well
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? DH leaving plates on the counter next to the sink when the sink is empty (when the dishwasher is full). At least put them in the sink!! Also when ppl are late and don’t let you know. That really really bothers me, especially be I always feel bad if I’m even a few minutes late bc I don’t want ppl to waste time waiting for me! 
    @the_road_to_oz I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that! I can totally see how you’d have a hard time connecting with the babe as a protective mechanisms but just remind yourself that today you are pregnant and you’re doing everything you can to keep that little one safe! Honestly, even if you don’t have much prepared, you’ll be fine! DD was 7 weeks early and we had nothing ready but made do. We had some clothes and a pack n play and ran out and got diapers and were totally okay!
    Kimbrlyg81431magnolia[Deleted User]
    • How far along/EDD? 13w3d, 3/6/2021
    • How are you feeling this week? Tired! Feeling tired this week. That is all. 
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? None this week 😊
    • Any upcoming appointments? None for a little while. But my home Doppler is keeping my mind at ease in the meantime. 
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? Eating loudly, not putting clothes in laundry, not putting dishes in an empty dishwasher.... 😬 all committed by my husband lol 
    @the_road_to_oz such a challenging week it’s been for you! Prayers for you and that you get some answers, that baby is safe and you’re healthy!
    [Deleted User]
    • How far along/EDD? 29wks/ 11/17
    • How are you feeling this week? Tired
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? Apparently I’ve reached the stage of pregnancy where getting comfortable and falling asleep are difficult. 
    • Any upcoming appointments? 9/11 OB, 9/15 growth scan
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? I hate it when my husband shaves and leaves little hairs all over the sink. 🙄
    @the_road_to_oz I’m so sorry you are dealing with so much stress. Hopefully your MFM specialist can give you some answers. 
    [Deleted User]
    • How far along/EDD? 13w6d, EDD 3/4/2021
    • How are you feeling this week? The nausea is finally easing up but still not completely gone.  I've been able to go for a walk 3 days in the past week, which felt good to be able to do.
    • Rants/Raves? Questions?  Rave: We put the crib together over the weekend and I love it!  Rant/Question: During my initial OB appt I met with one of the other OBs in the practice sine my OB was booked pretty far out for the initial consultation.  This OB was nice but she didn't leave me feeling warm and fuzzy.  I had to push for a Pap smear (she didn't think one was necessary because my last one was 18 months ago and it was normal).  I explained to her that I had previously had two abnormal Pap smears and actually had surgery about a year before we started the IF treatments to remove some abnormal cells.  So it's something that is constantly on my mind.  That OB appt was on 8/11 and after 2 weeks of silence, I reached out to the doctor via app message to ask about my Pap smear results.  A week later, on a Friday, results were uploaded to the app that said HPV 16, 18, and 45 were negative but HPV aptiva was positive.  So I wait all weekend and then on Monday someone from the doctor's office (I assume a nurse but she never really identified herself) let me know about the test results and said everything is fine and we will just test again in one year.  From my past experiences I know that HPV infections can sometimes clear up on their own and also from what I had seen previously, they wouldn't be able to treat anything during pregnancy any so this sounded okay to me at the time.  As I kept thinking about it after the call though and doing more research, it sounds like they could still do a colposcopy now, which is a visual test to find out if there are any abnormal looking cells, etc.  I do not meet with my actual OB until October.  She is wonderful and I know she would listen to my concerns and address any questions thoroughly for me.  I have a telehealth appointment with a nurse practionner this upcoming Tuesday, not sure if I should bring it up then.  I feel like because my first appt was with the OB who I was/am not impressed with, the practice has just lumped me in with her until I am able to see my actual OB in October.  Does anyone else have experience with multiple abnormal Pap smears?  This has been my 3rd one in probably 10 years. :(
    • Any upcoming appointments? Telehealth appointment on Tuesday, Sept 8.
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? Such a silly pet peeve but it always gets under my skin whenever I see people out and about wearing any type of coat or blazer where they failed to remove the basting stitches from the back vent (that X that is back there is not part of the design).  To me it would be akin to not removing a price tag from your clothing and just wearing it out in public like that.
  • @the_road_to_oz I am so sorry to hear about everything you are going through right now.  I am keeping you in my thoughts this week.  Best of luck tomorrow.

    @madasm0530 Congrats on graduating!

    @31magnolia Thinking of you this week. <3
  • @JWatt5 Thanks for popping in with the update.  That is a crazy turn of events!  Praying for you that the good news continues. <3
  • @JWatt5 I love this update!!! What a roller coaster! I can’t wait for more good news in the weeks to come.
    • How far along/EDD? 12 weeks, 3/17/2021
    • How are you feeling this week? Meh. Nausea the last two days has been awful. I'm really tired of it and it's wearing me down emotionally :( 
    • Rants/Raves? Questions? Do people find that with second pregnancies, the nausea gets easier? I swear, I have no idea how people persuade themselves to do this more than once!
    • Any upcoming appointments? 9/11, I have an U/S with my OB
    • GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve that when committed by others it makes your skin boil? Eating with their mouths open. Just disgusting!!! You can hear and see everything!
    @JWatt5 So exciting! I will anxiously await your next update! GL!
    @the_road_to_oz I think it's totally understandable you don't feel bonded. You're scared and you feel crappy. What a double whammy! Even just having the regular type nausea is exhausting to me. I can't do the things I used to outside, I can barely work, it's really disheartening. 
    @laurelew I had several abnormal pap smears around 2008-2011. I had a colposcopy at that point as well -- I always get nervous because my sister had cervical cancer. Eventually my paps were normal again but I was doing pap smears every six months at one point. If it's medically advisable, given the pregnancy, to have a colposcopy I would def advocate for that to every healthcare professional that you see, no matter if it's a nurse or doctor or whatever. It's super important to just keep tracking things. Even if the colposcopy is done just to make you feel better, I would do it. It's your body! Healthcare professionals often take the stance of "I know everything" but you know your body. I've been misdiagnosed enough times by now that I have a healthy mistrust of the medical field. Sorry for anyone in healthcare -- not a knock against you, but I have been through the wringer with folks who have told me my concerns are "nothing to worry about," when I should have certainly been worrying. 
    [Deleted User]
  • @lauralew - I had abnormal paps and was at the Colposcopy clinic for 5 years! Every 6 months, a biopsy every year. I had a patch of abnormal cells that didn’t get worse but wouldn’t go away. They just monitored it. I think it was actually the paps post pregnancy that led me to being discharged. You had to have two normal to be released. 
    Me: 37 DH: 37 - Married 10.2015 ❤️ Canadian 
    DX: Endometriosis - Stage 4, DOR, RPL
    TTC #1 07.2015
    03.2016 - Natural BFP - MC 5w4d
    04.2016 - Natural BFP - Chemical
    10.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = IUI Cancelled (cyst/no mature follicle)
    11.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFP, EDD 08.2017 - It's a BOY!
    TTC #2 06.2019
    08.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = Chemical
    09.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFN
    10.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #3 = BFN
    01.2020 - IUI w/ Injections #4 = BFN
    08.2020 - Natural BFP - MC 9w5d
    11.2020 - IVF Retrieval - 3AB & 4BB
    05.2021 - FET #1 = BFP, EDD 02.2022 - It's a BOY!

  • @lucyb1954 @JWatt5 Thank you both for sharing your stories!  My experience so far has been that it keeps swinging back and forth between normal and abnormal.  After the second abnormal one I had a procedure called a LEEP to surgically remove the abnormal looking cells. That took place in January of 2018 and we started TTC after our wedding in June of that same year (part of the reason why my GYN at the time wanted to do the LEEP so that I wouldn't have to worry about it while TTC).  I think that part of the miscommunication is that I changed GYNs between 2018 and 2019 because my former GYN moved to a practice out of state.  Therefore, the newer OB/GYN office does not have the previous records on file.  I will be sure to bring it up again at my telehealth appointment on Tuesday and will see what they say.

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