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Is it necessary for you to read comments when you make an order in the internet ? 
And what site you prefer for making an order of toys, clothes and books ?)

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    You know I adore AMAZON - it fits me great in most of shopping. The only thing that I buy separately is probably toys. I love eco-friendly ones and not to look over all amazon I found a nice web where all natural toys are at one place. Just enter doecoliving in google and you sure will find them. BTW about comments - yep for sure - I always read them! They help in making decisions. 
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    I always read comments. It's important for me.
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    Comments are recommendations in some way. Before buying something, I'm looking for a comments to this product.
    But I've also heard about doecoliving. My neighbors buy toys there for kids
    What about books, I always download pdf ones, it is more convenient for me 
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    janehappymom4two thanks for your advice!!!) 

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    elliew006 thanks!!!))
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