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  • When I took the December BMB's spreadsheet this week to make our spreadsheet, I totally forgot to make a copy first and accidentally deleted allllll of their info! For a few minutes their entire spreadsheet was just an empty list with only MY name on it! I eventually figured out I could restore all their stuff.  :#:#:#
  • whitealbum29 omg, hilarious. Good thing you were able to restore! 

    It's not exactly a confession, but just found out I have a marginal cord insertion at the u/s (occurs in only 8.5% of pregnancies). They'll do another u/s in 4 weeks to see if it's a velamentous cord insertion (occurs in only .5-2.4% of pregnancies). If it's only marginal, it should be ok, but if velamentous, it means I'll have to schedule a C section 1-3 weeks before due date...so Xmas baby?  :s 
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  • @lavenderclouds I had a marginal cord with my last baby! I didn’t realize they were so uncommon, nobody seemed particularly phased by it but it also wasn’t velamentous. 
  • Oh, man @lavenderclouds, I’m sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed for good results in four weeks.
  • I’m milking this pregnancy for all it’s worth. I am legitimately exhausted and in a lot more pain than I was with my first, but I’m not making any effort to push through it. I’m working the minimum amount necessary to keep up appearances, nothing more.
  • I still haven’t told my boss I’m pregnant 😬
  • I've been lurking for almost 16 weeks and still haven't introduced myself. 😆
  • @lavenderclouds Oh no, I hope the next u/s brings good news!
    @40momma Hi!!
  • @aels12 me either, and I've been in an incredibly long (2-3 months now) hiring process for a promotion within my team  :#:#
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