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Middle name suggestions for boy name Chase!

Looking for a middle name that will flow nicely with the name Chase. His last name is Lee so we were thinking his middle name should have at least 2 syllables but open to any suggestions!  :)

He has a Chinese name with characters that translates directly to spirited horse, noble, cheerful and happy. 

Re: Middle name suggestions for boy name Chase!

  • Phillip or Philip means “Lover of horses” in Greek and I think it has enough syllables to break up the one syllable first and last name you have.

    Patrick means “noble man” and I like it for the same reasons.

    I also think perhaps one of the Chinese names would be cool if they sound good when they are spelled phonetically.
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  • Maybe: Foster, Elliott or Spencer? Good luck! 
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  • Nolan, Tucker, Tanner
  • Typhoon is a cool name??
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