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WTO Wednesday 8/19

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Wednesday 8/19

  • Month/Cycle: 14/9

    CD: 19

    WAYDTGKU: temping, prenatals, OPKs, and HIO of course

    R/R: I need to force myself to sit down and start working on lessons. I don't really to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch but I know much if what I aflready have won't work in the new school environment. The task is so overwhelming though. I think my goal is going to be a grade level and a week at a time.

  • @gingermama29 i here you in lesson planning. I have the unit protocol done for outburst math unit but that is all I have touched. I’m just too nervous about how to do all of this through technology. And I’m pretty proficient in technology.

    Month/Cycle: 3:3

    CD: 16


    R/R: We start school in less than 2 weeks and I still don’t have a class list. At all. Don’t even know how MANY kids I have in my class. It’s super frustrating. I need SOME idea of what’s going on and I have none. I am running in to finish my bulletin boards today. 🤞🏼 Then, in person PD tomorrow.

    CS/Q: temps are still super low. OPKs have gotten super light. 🙄

    TTC History

    Me: 26 DH: 27

    TTC #1 | June '18-August '18 | DD | Born April 21, 2019 | Due May 10, 2019

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    TTC#2 | June '20-February '21 | DS | Due October 27, 2021

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  • Month/Cycle: 1/1 AL #2

    CD: 13


    R/R: Well day 13 and still fucking spotting over here 🤬 Would be nice if this damn period would ever end in this century. Maybe I should call my doctor today. Do you ladies think I should? Is this normal? Sorry, I'm really grumpy today. I'm ready for this stupid cycle to be over and I can move forward. I'm so angry and upset that its coming out in tears. 

    CS/Q: Nothing to see 

    @chindimples04 sorry your Temps are low and that your opks are super light. I feel your pain there girl. 

    @gingermama29 GL with working on your lessons. I know, sometimes its hard to force yourself to do things. 

  • sienna221sienna221 member
    edited August 2020
    @gingermama29 & @chindimples04 good luck! I can’t even imagine how hard it is this year for all you teachers preparing. 

    @mindyb2019 ugh, sorry. That’s so frustrating and I hate those days we feel grumpy and down and can’t help it. Things are crazy enough right now making us (or at least me) frequently down...then things like this just pile on top. I’d say give your doc a call. No harm in calling and especially if it would maybe put your mind at ease a little. 

    Month/Cycle:  2/2

    CD: 15


    R/R: I got a big proposal out yesterday that we’ve been working on for awhile. Feels like a weight off my shoulders.

    CS/Q: Another High CB Digital reading this morning (Day 5) with FMU but still negative Pregmate OPK as of last night. Really hoping the Pregmate tests start getting at least a little darker today. 

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  • kh59kh59 member

    @sienna221 Congrats on the proposal!

    @gingermama29 and @chindimples04 I feel you on the lesson planning! I am procrastinating starting on a class I've taught a bunch of times in person that I had tinkered with until I was really happy with it last almost all super interactive discussion and small group activities that will be hard to pull off online. I know I need to rethink it all for this year, but I'm struggling to find the motivation. Good luck with your planning!

    @mindyb2019 It doesn't hurt to call and ask! I'm sorry things are so frustrating.

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 8

    WAYDTGKU: temping

    R/R: You were all totally right about the Zoom vs. in-person faculty meeting. Not only was it only a little over an hour instead of the usual miserable all-day affair with bad catering and awkward small talk, there was a choice group text sidebar with the people I actually wanted to talk to.

    CS/Q: Just waiting out AF...

  • **lurking from the bench**

    Response to @mindyb2019 from yesterday: 

    I would let your doctor know, but they will probably tell you it can be normal at this point. 

    TW Loss:
    I had bleeding/spotting for about 3 weeks after the D&E, and didn’t ovulate at all the first month. We are pretty sure that the spotting and lack of ovulation was due to elevated prolactin since I was basically lactating. I don’t know if that applies to you since it would be less common at 16 weeks, but if you are, that can apparently interfere with cycles getting back to normal. At least it seems to be getting closer to normal now for me, I’m pretty confident I ovulated this month, though it was late. There is hope!
  • @fitzfizz @mindyb2019 this is a really good point! *TW prior pregnancy*

    I had actually started lactating at 16 weeks with DD so you may have had some prolactin already.

    TTC History

    Me: 26 DH: 27

    TTC #1 | June '18-August '18 | DD | Born April 21, 2019 | Due May 10, 2019

    Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

    TTC#2 | June '20-February '21 | DS | Due October 27, 2021

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  • @fitzfizz @chindimples04 TW Loss*

    Thank you for this info. I didn't know about prolactin interfering with cycles. I actually haven't lactated at all so I don't think that's the issue with me. I bled/spotted for 2 weeks after my d&E. Now I've bled/spotted for 14 days tomorrow with this first period and I don't think I'm ovulating either. Not sure if I did last month after my D&E but I think I did though,so not sure whats happening this month unless it's really late. @fitzfizz how late was your ovulation this month? Mine is nowhere is sight :( I will talk to the Dr. 

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