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Weekly Randoms 8/17

me: 35 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018
IVF Cycle #1 February 2020 4 embryos frozen, 1 fresh transfer = CP 
FET #1 Natural Cycle March 2020 CXL'd due to Covid-19 :( 
FET #1 Natural Cycle June 2020 - CP #2
FET #2 Natural Cycle July 2020 - BFP!!!!!! Beta #1 = 273

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Re: Weekly Randoms 8/17

  • I see a lot about how people's boobs get extra heavy and tender in early pregnancy and can't go braless. Does anyone else feel the opposite like bras are extremely uncomfortable? This is my second pregnancy and both times I have had to go braless because the band in the front hurts way too bad! 
  • @becca07024411 yep me too!! I’m always braless whenever i can be these days! And sleeping in a bra... no way haha. 
    Me: 30   DH: 29
    Together: 3/2007
    Married: 5/30/2015
    BFP #1: 9/14/2015
    EDD: 5/20/2016
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  • If you ladies can go braless, more power to you. I have to have my girls strapped in extra tight to reduce jiggle or they are so sore at the end of the day I can't function.
  • I got braless sometimes to give me a break, but they end up more sore that way. I’m slightly uncomfortable either way. Lol 
  • I guess I have always missed out on the sore boobs during pregnancy. I wish I was able to wear a bra, but it hurts my stomach too bad and I end up getting sick way more often! I am suspecting some some of hiatal hernia the more I look into it. It really limits the type of clothes one can wear! 
  •  Hey guys! I have been totally MIA this week  and trying to catch up now. My mom and I rented an air bnb on a hobby farm, it was super isolated and so lovely. My son loved feeding the Alpaca multiple times a day. 
    I cant be without a bra, its sooo annoying, i cant tell if my boobs have grown, but im in a ton of pain. Also whenever i shower in hot water i leak milk! 
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