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WTF Wednesday 8/5

Our first WTF Wednesday (I think)...what's making you go WTF/pissing you off this week?!

Re: WTF Wednesday 8/5

  • Mine is kind of boring... I’m super hormonal/ moody this week. That said MANY things are bothering me but at the same time nothing at all... I’m sad but don’t know why, frustrated but don’t know why etc etc. Ugh, hormones! 
  • WTF to this stupid data management role I'm helping fill at work. We had a retirement but there's a hiring freeze so three of us were voluntold to cover the position. They estimated I would spend 80 hours on it this year. It's been two months and I'm already at 112 hours 😠 they also decided to reprogram some things and everything is broken
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  • Work work work work work
  • My work is so insanely busy and I’m over it. 
  • Like the rest of you, work. We started using a new program that everyone uses all the time. It's not the best for what most of us do. One team was piloting it for a few months so they could work out the kinks, but when it was rolled out to everyone else, there were things that they clearly didn't figure out yet that they should have. They didn't come up with a process for things we do every day (or they did but it wasn't how it should have been done for our needs). I had a frustrating convo with a coworker about that very process; he wanted to go rogue, and I wasn't having it, so FINALLY they came up with something. But they had months to figure this out. WTF.
  • So my company invested in a large music festival and we’re currently negotiating talent for the 2021 date. We offered a popular artist $2M guaranteed for a 90 minute set with a possible additional $500K based upon sales and they kicked it back. 

    Can you imagine being offer $2M to play music for 90 minutes and it “not being enough”? 😱

    ps. I hate talent agents 😒
  • krisspy22 wow, that's extreme. I work for a nonprofit, so we're always trying to go with the "in-kind" angle, or at the very least, a highly discounted rate. We think above $15K is outrageous. 
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