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Meal Plan Monday 8/3

Now that we’re all (mostly) feeling better in the nausea department, what are you eating this week? 

Re: Meal Plan Monday 8/3

  • Meat is still not really my friend, so I’m making a big batch of refried beans in my Instant Pot and making bean and cheese burritos with them. We had spaghetti this week, we’re grilling pork chops one night, and we’re going out tonight because its our anniversary! That’s about as far as I’ve gotten. 
  • Ooh good thread idea @carleym93 !

    I just found a recipe for a shakshuka (egg/tomato/pepper dish) that I have most of the ingredients for so want to make that one night. 

    SO bought some tuna steaks...I think I can have one if it's cooked all the way through? Tuna isn't on the list of highest mercury content fish according to the book I have from the American College of OBGYN's but I've been avoiding it....does anyone who has read Expecting Better have thoughts on tuna?

    Also want to make this avocado/herb/caper salad that we're obsessed with, it's one of my favorite things to eat in the summer. Highly recommend if you like herb-y food or avocados. 
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  • My newest craving is coconut shrimp. I need to order some of these this week!

    As far as cooking goes, we've been glued to the grill. Too hot to cook indoors, and I love grilled veggies/meat/potatoes/pineapple/seafood... really anything. My absolute favorite has been grilled thinly sliced potatoes, like thicker fries. Put them in foil with olive oil and some seasoning powder. YUM. Also, super craving pineapple. Specifically pineapple smoothie. Going to blend one up today. My MIL just told me she once ate an entire pineapple in one sitting while pregnant, so I'm not buying the avoid pineapple thing (of course, I don't think I'd push it to eat an entire pineapple at once). 

    whitealbum29, as far as I understand it, you can def have tuna every once in a while. In Expecting Better, she didn't come down on avoiding tuna entirely. I've been eating it here and there. I just try not to eat more than one can's worth of tuna in a week.

    carleym93 I love bean and cheese burritos! They are my go-to lunch. Going to have one now.
    carleym93 MaryNog
  • @whitealbum29 Tuna is fine! Just not every day, but I think up to 3 servings a week is safe. 

    @lavenderclouds I LOVE pineapple especially when pregnant. I was told you’d have to eat the CORE of like a ton of pineapples to have any kind of effect. Most people aren’t even eating one core so 😬 I used to be convinced that pineapple helped my first baby come. Then I got high BP with my second at 37 weeks and didn’t want a hospital induction so I started eating a pineapple a day thinking it would get him out. It didn’t work 😂 
  • We’ve been grilling a lot too! @lavenderclouds thanks for reminding me about veggies etc on the grill too! This season we’ve been stuck in a rut with just grilling the meat and preparing the sides in the house. We gotta get back to veggies etc on there too!

    I’ve been baking muffins with my toddler every week. This has been win-win for us. It’s a fun activity plus we all eat them for breakfast which takes the guess work out of that meal. 

    We’re overwhelmed with the amount of zucchini from our garden lately. Any good zucchini recipes out there? I’ve got some go to muffins, chicken lettuce wraps and a pasta sauce that has it but I’d love to get some more ideas.
  • @oaktree6 zucchini is my biggest vegetable love ❤️ we mix it with grated sweet potato to make fritters, mix it into ground turkey with tomatoes and olives (and serve that with rice and beans), make zucchini boats with ground turkey, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta, and make zucchini ricotta galette. 

    Meal planning and cooking in general are pretty much my only hobbies. I really enjoy it. Mealime is a great meal planning app, you choose up to 4 meals and it’ll generate a grocery list for you.
    If it were up to me I’d cook mostly vegetarian meals because I haven’t been loving meat for the past few years, but my husband gets hungry 1h after dinner if there’s no protein in meat form.

    this week we’re having:
    - rice, beans, ground turkey with veggies, and farofa (toasted ground manioc flour)
    - zucchini potato fritters with lentil and feta salad
    - tuna melt with arugula salad
    - fish tacos
    - buckwheat and chicken bowls with tzatziki sauce 
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