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Ondansetron use

Hi guys I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have been extremely sick right through my pregnancy, my midwife has taken my off Ondansetron as she has said it is unsafe for pregnant women but now I’m really sick again, is anyone else still taking Ondansetron? 

Re: Ondansetron use

  • I have not, but I know many women do.  Did she give you any alternatives?  I have heard a combination of Unisom + B6 can be effective as well, but I would obviously defer to your provider and ask them what else they may suggest.


    It seems like the safety of Zofran may be up for debate, but I'm surprised they would have you on it all this time if they did not believe it was safe.  That to me, is a pretty significant question I would be asking first. GL
  • The study showing zofran was not safe was paid for by their competitor when they wanted re-entry to the US market. It’s since been disproven. Repeatedly. 
    I took it all the way through with my son, and plan to with this one. I am also on phenergan and unisom and b6. 

    [Deleted User]roadspeckle
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  • <div>Wait, you mean there was a conflict of interest in a pharmaceutical study??? @the_road_to_oz
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