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  • @katt11223344 SAME! I told my boss, and she asked if I was going to tell anyone else, or announce it. I told my direct reports so they know when I'll be out, but that's about it. If she wants to tell people she can; I don't mind people knowing, and they'll all find out eventually when I go on leave. I just feel weird being the one telling them.

    I'm also the person who didn't announce my engagement to coworkers and just let them notice my rock and ask. I guess part of me doesn't like bringing attention to myself, but then doesn't mind if people ask me about whatever's going on. 
  • @supersara2 @katt11223344 I very much like to keep my work and personal life separate 😂 I had no problems telling my boss since I need to figure out coverage while I'm on leave. Maybe I'll let everyone else be surprised 
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