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  • Thankful Thursday!!!

    What is everyone thankful for?

    I am thankful for DS's preschool. They are taking every step possible to make sure everyone stays healthy, and he gets the socialization that he craves. Also thankful that it took 8 months to get pregnant with him, otherwise he would be starting distance learning kindergarten this year, which sounds kind of pointless to me.
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    I just got my BFP, due April 24th. It was our 2nd month trying after DH's vasectomy reversal and I wasn't expecting it at all! We're moving away from all of our friends and family in 2 weeks so the timing is so weird.

    <div class="Spoiler"> This will be my 4th pregnancy. I have an 8 year old daughter. After her I had a missed misscarriage at 12 weeks and a chemical pregnancy immediately after. Which drove us to DH's vasectomy, we didn't want to deal with more loss. After talking it over we decided that we would regret it if we didn't try again and here we are! It's terrifying, I'm going to be a nervous wreck the entire first trimester, and I'm hoping at some point I can be happy and somewhat optimistic about this pregnancy. </div>
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  • So far w/edd 4/1 my symptoms are gas,bloating, mild cramping, 8000lbs of extra saliva during the day and absolutely none in the middle of the night 😂 I started dealing with the nausea a few days ago and only had one really horrible day where I felt like I was stuck in the bathroom dry heaving with little actual throw up. ( I’m not sure if this is tmi) this is my first pregnancy. My belly is very extended And round compared to its normal state maybe I’ll upload a pic? I’ve read it’s not showing just bloat but it’s super awkward to look like this and only be 7 weeks lol 
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    @marykathryn29 I completely understand the nerves and anxiety that come along with this being the first!
  • Nothing really triggered me that I could be pregnant. I just didn't start the day I thought I would... Not a big deal, it would have been a couple of days early. But, I didn't start the day after that... Or that... So, I made a mad dash to target, tested in the store, positive test before my pants were up. 

    I've been weepy, vaguely nauseated, heightened smell, and my bbs MIGHT be tender, but it's hard to tell when youre actively BFing, as they tingle and hurt ALL. THE. TIME... (All normal PMS symptoms for me.) Today, tho... The sight of blood on TV, and the idea of YEAST cakes and bread on GBBO Sent my stomach rolling.
  • FYI, April is open, but I don't want to post all the organizational things to get it started.  🤣
  • @aztecash same!! I was so excited when I saw it but then....suddenly feeling very lazy...
  • I weirdly do not feel qualified enough to post the first things!  :D I will do it soon if no one else does though.

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  • I still don't see April. I've been nauseous, bloated and tired with sore boobs. Peeing a lot. EDD is 4/12, but I have my first ultrasound on the 20th and should get a better idea then?
  • @mamasnek yes. If you have an early ultrasound, it's called a dating scan to measure so they can go if of that for your EDD. If it is close to your original +/-3 days they probably will just stick with the original as ultrasounds aren't 100% accurate.

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  • Wow that seems awesome to have an ultrasound then! My appointment is on the 24th with an edd of 4/1 and they said they don’t do an ultrasound on the first appointment 😭
  • The April BMB opened but I only see it on my computer, not the mobile app. Here's the link if that helps anyone: https://forums.thebump.com/categories/april-2021-moms

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  • @grilledcheeezin, I only have an early ultrasound because I went through a reproductive endocrinologist. I had uterine polyps (which had to be surgically removed) and PCOS, so I had an  Intrauterine Insemination. I have scans at 6, 8 and 10 weeks before transitioning to a regular OBGYN.
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    @grilledcheeezin Whaa! Is that typical? I go on 9/2 and I’d better have one!
  • Hi all!! I’m excited to get to know everyone! Edd of 4/15 and we’re still in a bit of shock! This will be baby #4 (pregnancy #5). We have G (almost 5), B (3), and G (1). Just this weekend I’m starting to feel totally exhausted 😴 and a slight bit of nausea (and today was my birthday!). Haven’t set up my first doc appt yet but planning to do so this week. Hope everyone else is feeling great!! 
  • Thank you for your asking
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