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Introduction (loss mentioned) PGT-A question

I’m nearly 42. I’ve had two chemical pregnancies in 2013 and 2018. One miscarriage at 7 weeks this past November. I recently tried using my frozen eggs from years ago. The first round sucked. Second round led to a failed transfer in June. I just moved on to donor eggs. I now have 14 embryos being tested which is crazy because I only ever produced one blast. Where can I find out what grade embryos came out as Euploid. I’m obsessing over it and fearful that it’ll be bad. I know I’m just basing it on all of my negative experiences.  The waiting is killing me as I’ve been at this for so many years and still have no living children. 

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    Hi @keeptrying23 .  I'm not sure what the statistics are but I can share my own story.  We sent 8 day six blasts off for PGS testing and 5 came back normal, 2 abnormal, and 1 mosaic.  I also used DE and am now 8w4d pregnant with my first child (I got my BFP after the second FET using DE).  If you have 14 blasts that were sent for testing, I think you should get some great results and a lot of wonderful Euploid embryos!

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    In my experience, quality of the embryo (grade) doesn’t necessarily correlate with chromosomal abnormality. I had seven blasts of varying quality (from good to fair). The euploid and aneuploid embryos wound up being about the same in terms of quality, meaning both groups had good and fair quality embryos. There were papers published in 2017 I think that mentioned that while there were slightly higher chance of higher quality eggs being euploid, the quality was not always indicative of the chromosomal state. 14 embryos made from donor eggs sounds promising though!
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    Thank you for that! I got my results today. I have 9 normals. The grades really did not correlate as you said. You would think the AA would be normal but two were not. You’d think the day 7 CC would be abnormal but it wasn’t. I’m very excited for 9 chances at a baby and thankful that I tested!!
  • Hi. Congrats on 9 normal embryos, those are great results! From what I understand the grading is given based on what the embryo looks like so it’s not always accurate and cannot determine chromosome normality. It’s kind of like judging a book by its cover. 
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  • @laurad75 Thank you! I was just surprised by how inaccurate the embryo grading was. I had no hope for my CC embryos but I was wrong. I’m actually shocked that three with CC grades made it and two with AA grades did not. I wish I hadn’t obsessed over their grading. From what I’ve read in the past they wouldn’t count the CC grades as viable. 
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