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    “Removed for TOU violation” 
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  • @babymamaj27, A DD is not going to take your post away, nor the responses, as you were quoted  (but a good thing, I guess, as you did include the pics that had personal info on them).  Sorry you didn't like the responses, but internet safety, and theories are a 50/50 shot of being correct.  
  • @harpseal135 I’ve got to ask, what did you do to get put in Bump Jail? Unless some crazy shit got deleted I never saw a dust up.
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  • Ugh.  The suspense!  I was also dying to know!  :)
  • LOL.  TWO warnings for thanking someone for sharing ALL their personal information on an ultrasound with a Hannibal GIF.  :-D  TBGs are uber superior, arent they?
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