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Loss of twins

My twin girls were both born stillborn on February 10th 2020. They were 23 weeks old and on track and in perfect condition. One week after my 21 week mark I started bleeding.  They admitted me and said baby A sack had ruptured. But baby B was fine. Sent me home on antibiotics.  5 days later I was rushed to the hospital again burning up. Baby B had passed away. I had to push her out. And that's when they discovered that instead of them each having there own placenta like they thought all along...the placentas had some how fused. Which meant baby B was going to come next. It took 6 hours she did not make it.  Their names are Annabella and Ali May. We were allowed to bury them together just as they were all their short lives. I still don't know why this happened and no one can explain it.  They just say it was a rare thing that happened with twins.

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