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Sleep problems

Shortly before my missed period, I was already waking up every night to pee, and having difficulty falling back asleep or staying asleep. I’m 6 weeks now and this has been every night since then. I’m so exhausted and it’s really taking a toll on me. Even taking naps is hard, I can’t seem to sleep. 
Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas on how to deal with it?

Re: Sleep problems

  • My experience has been very similar. At my first OB appointment this week (I’m now 9 weeks), she told me to try unisom. The first night I took it was the first time I slept through the night since before my positive test. I felt great the next morning. The second night I took it I woke up twice to pee,  but still had reduced morning sickness the next I’m not sure yet if it’s been helping. I have been taking naps daily after work. Even if I can’t sleep I lay in bed and relax for 30 minutes. I’ve also started acupuncture which helps with a whole host of pregnancy problems.
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