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Extremely low cal foods for constant snacking?

I am not asking this because I'm interested in dieting (FAR from it - down with diet culture!!!), but because of a very specific circumstance. Without getting into complicated details, I need to watch how much weight I gain in the first trimester because of existing health conditions that are harder to manage if I gain a lot of weight quickly, which I did in my first pregnancy. I have horrible nausea that only subsides with constant eating. Obviously, this is not ideal. I am on the lookout for extremely low calorie, wheat-free snacks that I can be constantly munching on to keep the nausea at bay. Suggestions?

Re: Extremely low cal foods for constant snacking?

  • I should add -- bland is the name of the game around these parts :)
  • Rice cakes + almond butter. Hummus and veggies or whole wheat pita. Egg white omelets. Handful of nuts and an apple. Grill some chicken and cut it up/freeze it for an easy high protein snack and pair with a whole grain or fruit/veggie. These may not be *extremely* low calorie options but they are healthy and will keep you satisfied and get rid of nausea :) I've had two pregnancies with gestational diabetes and these were my go-to's. I was also told not to gain weight with either pregnancy and managed fine. Good luck!
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  • I am also struggling with nausea that is relieved with constant eating and concern about excessive weight gain. Some of my go-to snacks have been light popcorn, hard boiled eggs, rice cakes, low fat cheese sticks, and carrots.
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  • You could bake some kale chips. They don’t have a strong flavor and are kind of addicting actually. 
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  • I like baked chickpeas. Just take a can of chickpeas, drain the liquid but don't rinse them. Put them in a bag or bowl and add a handful of nutritional yeast and some salt. Bake in a 350 oven for 10 minutes if you want them kind of soft or 20-30 if you want them crunchy. I just keep them in an airtight container on my counter and nibble at them all day. I basically eat chickpeas and green smoothies right now- that's all I can handle.
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