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Week 2 (11/8-11/14) Check In - Week of 7/13

Estimated due date (EDD): 

Week of pregnancy: 

Baby is the size of:

Upcoming Appointments: 



GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory?
SD (11/2010)
DD1 (09/2014)
DD2 (10/2015)
Baby Girl #4 (11/2020)

Re: Week 2 (11/8-11/14) Check In - Week of 7/13

  • mtenglmtengl member
    Mom brain... Just realized I posted in the wrong thread for last week... I posted at the very beginning of this BUMP with an intro and everything but I fell off social media from March until a week ago due to anxiety and depression. Jumping in back now I hope that is okay.

    Estimated due date (EDD): 11/12

    Week of pregnancy: 22 (23 on Thursday)

    Baby is the size of: Coconut?

    Upcoming Appointments: 7/30 - GTT and doctor visit

    Rant/Rave: Rave: Glo.com has awesome prenatal yoga and meditation and finally getting back in that to help my (rave) back issues that started pre pregnancy and are worse this pregnancy due to carrying an 18month DD

    Questions? Anyone started hounding their doctors about covid and hospital yet?

    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory?
    Going to the outer banks every year with my god parents family and my family. By the end there was 10 kids plus the adults and usually some friends thrown in. Lots of games at night and just overall fun for a week. 
  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    @mtengl Welcome back!! 
    I haven't been hounding, honestly the lack of visitation is exactly what I want! I'm sad that our other 3 kids won't get to meet her until she comes home but so happy that the IL's won't be able to show up every day (I know that sounds awful....) I wish my mom would be able to come but she plans to come stay with us and keep the other kids while we're at the hospital.
    Right now as it stands, SO and I will get COVID tests upon admission (I'm having a scheduled c section on 11/10), he'll be able to be with me 100% of the time (except when I get my spinal - which is standard). He just can't leave. If he leaves he can't come back. So he will be stuck there with me the whole time :):):)
    SD (11/2010)
    DD1 (09/2014)
    DD2 (10/2015)
    Baby Girl #4 (11/2020)
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  • mtenglmtengl member
    @Ecat504 I didn't think DD would be able to come visit from the start anyway because it is flu season and I know hospitals get particular about that. My in laws are coming to stay with her though because same DH will be at the hospital with me and it is going back and forth between being able to leave or not. He doesn't have to be tested, but I will be. My only real concern is them possibly taking the baby away from me if I do test positive. That is the one part I feel like I need to hound the doctor about because that to me is driving me crazy.
  • mia80mia80 member
    edited July 13
    Estimated due date (EDD): Nov 10-14

    Week of pregnancy: 22

    Baby is the size of: As tall as a box of mac & cheese

    Upcoming Appointments: This Thursday for a regular OB appointment

    Rant/Rave: Rant: This weekend we went to a funeral for DH's grandma.... and no one seemed to care about social distancing at all!!!!  I didn't want to make a fuss while we were there, but I brought it up to DH on the way home. He's so much more relaxed than me in general about COVID but at least we agreed not to go to any more big events.  Rave: Had our follow up US last Friday for everything they didn't get in the AS.  Baby was being very uncooperative and had his back to us the whole time, but in the end we finally got enough photos and heart looks good!  Also they checked my placenta and ruled out previa.  So it looks like everything is good!! 

    Questions? How can I have to pee this much already?!??!?!  Seriously... I walk out of the bathroom and I have to go again already!!

    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory? When I was about 8 my parents rented a trampoline for the summer. I think we spent the entire summer in the yard with the neighbourhood kids jumping on the trampoline. No idea why, but I loved that summer so much!

    @mtengl welcome back!  I haven't really been thinking that far ahead because things are changing all the time. Where I live we don't have a lot of cases, so it should be ok... but with everything opening up again, and people not taking it seriously I'm worried about a second wave.  Will probably start bugging my OB in another 2 months...

  • mtenglmtengl member
    DH is super relaxed about everything too. He hates the masks and so on. I am okay, I worry more just because I am pregnant and really just closer to the actual birth. We have had an increase in cases and deaths here but a lot of it is due to people having large family/friend gatherings. 
  • babywiikbabywiik member
    Estimated due date (EDD): 11/9(american) or 11/13 (norwegian)

    Week of pregnancy: 23+1 

    Baby is the size of: I'm not sure how the bump determines the size of baby in relation to fruit but supposedly a grapefruit....has anyone else ever seen an 11.5 inch grape fruit weighing 1.10 lbs?🤣🤣🤣 I had to google the average size of a grapefruit and Google said 5 inches in diameter and weighing 8 oz. But please, I would love to see a huge grapefruit if anyone has one😂😂

    Upcoming Appointments: this thursday for a U/S to check the fluid around the brain and in kidneys and in August with midwife. 

    Rant/Rave: Rave #1 I've been feeling baby a LOT more!! Up until yesterday I'd only feel her when i was sitting down but yesterday I was feeling her all the time, even when standing!! I knew there were a lot of kicks I wasn't feeling because at my U/S last week the tech asked if I could feel her moving since she was so wiggly but I couldn't feel it.
    Rave #2 we've been painting the interior of our apartment and my heart feels so happy every time i walk in and see the nice white paint that brightens up the entire place😁

    Questions? Split stomach muscles: is this normal? I remember my sister doing exercises to get hers together but that was after she had her baby🤔 im pretty sure it's split stomach muscles because if I lay on my back and the lift my head and shoulders up a bit so my stomach is flexed, it gets pointy on top, like a ridge on top of a mt😂 last night baby's head/bottom was right below my belly button because then there was a round ball sticking out also😂 anyways, other than it being funny at this point, do I actually need to be concerned?

    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory?
    After reading everyone else's I remembered so many more but the first one that came to mind were the carefree summer days. We lived on some property that had woods and a creek and lots of space to roam and play. There was one place we called "the monkey trees" where the trees were all wonky and growing sideways, some of them were horizontal and bounced when jumped on. I guess that's where we would play monkeys or any other "game" that came to mind. I was the youngest so tried to tag along with my siblings where ever they went! 
  • babywiikbabywiik member
    @mtengl Hi and welcome back! It's good to have you and glad that you are feeling better that you can join us! I'm a FTM, originally from the Pacific northwest but moved to Norway in January. I didnt think about the possibility of the baby being kept seperate if mom tests positive for corona😫 numbers are really low here (like 3 people in all of Norway were hospitalized because of covid as of the weekend) and I'm hoping it stays that way! The borders are opening up(to people from low risk areas) though and where I live is a huge tourist attraction with tourist flooding in! I'm glad for the small businesses that rely on tourists but I just hope that those who are traveling are truthful and really are healthy🤞Thankfully we'll have a few months after summer vacation ends to get back to normal before baby comes. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 11/8

    Week of pregnancy: 23

    Baby is the size of: a giant grapefruit 🤣

    Upcoming Appointments: Appointment with the midwife on Saturday 

    Rant/Rave: I’ve been so grouchy lately everything has been a rant. Due to rising cases in our area DH and I have been making an extra effort to stay home and he has been taking the brunt of it... poor guy.

    Questions? None at the moment.

    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory? Summers in Quebec always meant lots of tasty pastries... if it weren’t for covid, I’d be there now, filling myself with croissants!

    @mtengl I’m planning a home birth, so hospitalization, while still a possibility, is not anticipated. I’m doing what I can to prepare myself for an uneventful birth (as much as that’s possible). If I choose to/have to go to the hospital, so be it.
  • mtenglmtengl member
    @csardaszz That is amazing! WE have a really amazing birthing center full of midwives and actually the one I saw for DD, but I opted to continue with hospital plan because I am a weakling that needs an epidural. There is actually a YouTube channel called Motherland and the woman had a home birth story on there but I haven't had a chance to listen. 

    @babywiik Ah yeah, not every place is requiring testing or the same kind of regulations for COVID. I mean it may all change in November who knows. I have a friend giving birth any time now and she has asked to not be tested. 
    Also! I live in a place that use to be mainly citrus groves. I have seen some really big grapefruits since living down here. As for split stomach, I don't know much, but I know that our abdomen does naturally separate due to growing baby/stomach. With DD it slowly went back together and they do check it at your follow up appointments to make sure everything is going back together properly. 
  • (EDD): 11/10

    Week of pregnancy: 23 weeks

    Baby is the size of: Two poptarts!

    Upcoming Appointments: thursday for normal checkup

    Rant/Rave: I’m pretty level this week! 😂

    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory? When I was little, I used to stay the night with my Granny allllll the time. I remember late at night (because she let me stay up however late I wanted) I would crawl up in her recline with her while she crocheted and we would watch Nick at Night. She was the best!💜
  • @mtengl Yay your back! I’m in the same boat with an almost 17 month old. They are like little raccoons 🦝 !

    I planned to share my SNL birth story/current situation in the random thread and realized I’m weeks behind.. wth! I need to catch up!

    This is my rant/rave... I need to post the rest of my weekly update later... So my SNL had a healthy baby girl yesterday and both are doing great! Yay!!
    We are down in South/Coastal Bend of Texas. We have seen so many made up stories, but I wouldnt doubt if its true... we have seen stats that we are in the top 5 current corona hot spots in the world. F’n great. 
    SNL had a C-Section scheduled for Monday. Friday before they had her do a corona test. She was informed she would get the results on Monday... day of delivery. If she was positive her husband could not come and she would not get to see baby for a while. Thank God she was negative and everything worked out.... but I find it so screwed up. She had no symptoms, but was told they have had several A-Symtomatic people come through. (My sister and 2 yo niece both have it, but are showing no symptoms, they were exposed and had to get tested)  So she could have felt nothing was wrong and suddenly be told you can’t see baby and get no support system.

    Why wasn’t SO tested as well?
    Why did they not give her a rapid test?
    Testing on Friday she could have been exposed over the weekend.
    Her birthday was planned, what are they doing with unplanned births?
    She was only 39 weeks so she planned to reschedule the C-Section as late as possible if she got a positive. 

    Tear jerker... Her 5YO cried the night before, because he knew it was going to be awhile before he saw them again. Plus it was his last night of being an only child. It broke my heart, I teared up. He is having a dandy old time now though with g-ma and is FaceTiming mom, dad, and baby Lena Jean.
    So yeh that’s what the hell is going on with childbirths in our part of the world.. I really hope we don’t have to deal with any of it. Hopefully at least it will get better and we will have better testing, protocols, and facts.

  • mtenglmtengl member
    @potofgolden I am in RGV of Texas and we have had spike of everything here.. I listened to a Facebook live with my OBGYN office and they were like yeah we test you but not the spouse (I agree makes no sense) and the baby will be taken away if you are positive (I will lose it if someone takes my baby away). I am going into my appointment on the 30th full of questions and hypotheticals, the good thing is my OB for that appointment is the one my former midwife recommended. 

    I am glad everything worked out for your SNL, did hear that is the protocol down here for c-sections. I also have heard that they are pushing for inductions at 39 weeks so they can plan it and I am like nope not inducing me.

    Side note. I was kind of hoping you would still be on here because I knew you were down this way and had a young one too. They are raccoons..
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 11/12

    Week of pregnancy: 22 weeks

    Baby is the size of: Eggplant (eew)

    Upcoming Appointments: 8/5

    Rant/Rave: I’m just so overtaken with stress about school this year. I really think I’m going to enroll my kids in virtual school and stay home with them. I just read an article today that our hospital is at capacity with COVID patients and they are trying to make more beds available for an expected increase due to July 4th weekend. In 3 weeks, they’ve gone from 6 COVID patients to 62!! I’m very stressed about it but I also hate the idea of leaving my job. Where I live (SC) is apparently the third in the WORLD of cases per million citizens, and people are still not taking it seriously so it will get worse before it gets better. 


    GTKY: What's your best / favorite childhood memory? Going to Lake Michigan with my dad’s side of the family. We’d all stay in cabins next to each other and there was this awesome playground, a pool and then the lake. So much fun with cousins and aunts and uncles. 
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