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Anyone experience mommy's thumbs?

I have inflammation on both of my wrists and wondering if anyone have that same condition. It started after my first month of breastfeeding. Please let me know your journey of fixing it. I went to the doctor and they let me wear the wrist stabilizer.


Re: Anyone experience mommy's thumbs?

  • I did. I got a shot in both wrists by the orthopedic and within a week I was pain free! Skip the stabilizers and get the shot! Before then I was icing and wrist wrapping for 2weeks with little to no relief 
  • I’ve gotten it twice! I never worn a stabilizer but I’m sure it would help it heal faster! I just try not to use it much. Super painful! 
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    You are more than likely turning your wrist in when feeding shortening the muscles and tendon. You need to try and keep your wrist straight when nursing.
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  • I wore the brace and ace bandage a little bit but the only thing that seems to help is being more aware of how I'm straining my hands when I both pump and BF and that has helped so much
  • I'm getting that even though I'm not breastfeeding or pumping anymore. I think it's leftover from really bad pregnancy onset carpal tunnel so compared to how it was then, it's not bad at all. But I still wake up in the night feeling like my thumbs/wrists are dislocated 😅
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