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I need so help. Probably TMI and probably a dumb question. 

I've had my period back for 3 months now, got it back at 9 months pp, I didn't really have a regular period before but it's even less so now. In the middle of June, we thought I might be pregnant, I took a test the 26th night then the 27th morning, both were negative. The 27th night I ended up starting my period, it was a pretty light one for me and ended the 2nd. On the 5th I started spotting and now it's getting heavier, it's getting redder, and I'm cramping like my normal period
Can you start a period that soon after a miscarriage? Could it just be ovulating, or is it something else altogether? 

Thanks for any help. 

Re: Miscarriage??

  • I'm not really certain how to answer you as there seems to be conflicting information in your post.  You say you're a year out from having a baby (PP) and had a period for 3 months straight.  Say you took PG tests on 26th/27th that were negative (i.e. NOT pregnant), but then ask about cramping and having a period after a MC?  Where is the MC?

    If your tests were negative, you were never PG and you're just having another period.  I've personally never had a living child, but have heard sometimes cycles can be wonky for a while after having a child and can take time to regulate (like, many months to a year).  

    If you meant your tests on 26th/27th were positive, you are probably still in the midst of a MC, and can bleed for weeks following a MC as a norm.  So, hopefully you've been talking to your doctors and getting beta tests to monitor your HCG levels to ensure no complications if this is your situation.

    If you meant that PP was from a stillbirth or MC rather than a living baby, I am sorry, but same info as above applies.  It can easily take 6-12 months for a cycle to regulate out to a "new" normal after a MC and the only normal is that there is no normal.

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