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Little to no cervical mucus 3 months post D&C

Hi all-

i had a miscarriage and D&C in April and we’ve more or less been ttc since. I’ve been tracking my cycles and have had two normal cycles since the D&C. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve had very little to no cervical mucus. Before my first pregnancy my cm was very prominent and my second pregnancy (the most recent one that ended in a loss) it was prominent as well.

i don’t understand what’s going on but it’s stressing me out. I’m trying not to stress because I know that’s not helping but this is just so different for me.

maybe this is normal post-loss but I’ve had a hard time finding anyone else in my situation.

can someone give me some advice/hope/anything...

Re: Little to no cervical mucus 3 months post D&C

  • @nphotaling MC messes with your body MAJORLY.  I've had 5 MCs and the only 'normal' after a MC is that there is no normal. You may experience symptoms you've never had before, you may be missing symptoms you always had, cycles can be off, etc.  So, TMI, I used to have a TON of CM.  (I also used to get 'wet' if my partner just started playing with my nipples), post-MC my body is oftentimes drier than the dessert. 

    It  may just be that your body needs more time (can take 6-12 months for your body to regulate to a new norm after a loss) to get back up to your CM levels.  Or, your new norm may not include much CM.  (I recommend Pre-Seed- a fertility friendly lube).

    Sorry about your loss.  It totally sucks, and trying to figure out what your body is doing when you're post-loss and TTCAL is often feeling like Alice in Wonderland.  Good luck!
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