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1st Trimester

Nasal congestion?!?

Hey! Anyone have bad nasal congestion during the early weeks of pregnancy? And if so, what did you do to help relieve it? I literally can't breath ad being in this heat and sleeping is killing my breathing. 

Re: Nasal congestion?!?

  • I had this throughout my pregnancies. Saline nasal spray and a humidifier helped. Vick’s too. Not much you can do about it unfortunately.
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  • I had it terribly in the first trimester. Vick’s was my best friend. You can even get the little stick that you can breathe in up your nose. 
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  • I had it with my previous pregnancy intermittently and apparently starting to deal with it in this one. At night I used benadryl to help (with clearance from doctors). 
  • Pregnancy rhinitis. It's a thing. Super annoying. 
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