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safe to travel?

I am extremely early in pregnancy.. just 4 weeks. I will soon be flying into a COVID epicenter.. While there I will not be out and about but rather at home with family. My husband is very worried and trying to convince me not to go. I will absolutely follow precautions of wearing a mask as much as possible, washing my clothes upon arrival, and showering. I can't find much info on flying while pregnant. Thoughts?

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  • Ask your doctor.
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  • Flying with pregnant is not an issue at this point in time.  

    I agree with your husband, don't go, unless it's absolutely necessary.  I would never consider going, unless its vital to do so! 
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  • I’m a healthcare provider working in a covid ICU. Even if I wasn’t pregnant I would not get on a plane right now. Pregnant (and therefore immunocompromised) it is absolutely out of the question. Wearing a mask won’t protect you if those around you aren’t wearing them. If you decide to go make sure you have hand sanitizer and clean your hands often. If you have access to a fit tested N95 wear it. Do not eat or drink on the flight. How long is the flight? The longer it is the more at risk you are. Also check with the airlines, some seem to be doing a better job with social distancing on board. Stick with an airline that commits to enforcing social distancing. Could you drive instead? Also check the destination and your home states policies, some cities and states have started implementing quarantine after travel from certain US destinations again.

    I plan to drive 12 hours to visit family. I normally would never drive, but it’s just too risky for me to fly right now. I wouldn’t consider going except that I haven’t been home in two years and due to the pandemic I will only go during the summer when we can visit with family outdoors. If I don’t go now we won’t even be able to consider if for another year and by then we will have an infant. We will re-asses before we travel and will absolutely cancel if needed.

    In the end it’s up to you. You need to weigh the risks against the benefits of going to you personally. Talk to your doctor and check the CDC website to learn more about the risk level for pregnant patients who contract Covid. You might find that it is worth the risk to go, because there is an important reason for your to be there. Let us know what you decide!
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