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Hi everyone, I’m just posting this to express some feelings.. Not sure if anyone is feeling similar. My story is that we have an adorable, sweet 6 month old that took a total of 4 embryos to get pregnant with. I had pretty bad N/V throughout the entire preg. We want a total of 2 children and also want to live somewhere more affordable. our embryos and docs are both here so wanted to finish reproduction before relocating (I also just turned 35). 

Last month, my IVF doc said we could do another transfer whenever. So we did another transfer of an untested embryo. To my surprise, the very first transfer took and my morning sickness has fully returned. But now I’m full of worry about bringing another baby into this kind of world (covid, climate change, sky rocketing education and living costs, economic instability). 

My husband and I are fortunate. We have great jobs with flexible hours and a nanny that we trust. We don’t have much family support (my mom and his dad passed away) and haven’t shared the news yet. 

Anyone else experiencing general anxiety from what’s going on in the world?

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  • I can't say I share the same feeling of anxiety about the state of the world we are in current, but I honestly think people could have said the same general thing about and decade in history...I'm not sure if that could help put things into perspective for you or not and bring you any sort of comfort, but if you look back at every point in history I cant really say these are statistically tougher time. Without being naive, maybe try to think about all the positives in this time period that maybe wasn't available in the past- modern medicine, the whole science of IVF, wonderful NICU facilities, vaccines (if you are pro vaccine), the internet to share ideas and learn, even facetime to communicate with family and friends! Whenever I think I am having a rough time I remind myself indoor plumbing and central heat/air are the norm now a days! Lol. Not to say current feelings and anxieties are not valid, but putting things in perspective seems to always help me be more positive about whatever current situation I'm in.
  • @becca07024411 thank you So much that does help to put things in perspective! My husband is not as anxious about things (he seems most considered about my morning sickness which is sweet I suppose?). There were probably a lot of scared parents and parents to be around the world wars and other- possibly much scarier- times. I guess there will always be uncertainty.. I gotta focus on the positives!!
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