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7 weeks cramps and bleeding

Hey everyone,
this is my second pregnancy and I am 7 weeks.
I had a missed miscarriage during my first pregnancy at around 6 weeks.

during this pregnancy I have been spotting on and off (mainly old blood). This was concerning because of our past history. We had an early scan at 6 weeks and saw a baby with a heartbeat which has been a miracle.
since then I’ve had the worst cramps around my ovaries, the last two days I started bleeding on and off. Pretty red blood now which is so scary.

i rang the hospital and they told me to just rest and only come in if I fill a pad in an hour. 
It all seems too familiar and similar to last time.

has anyone experienced something like this or had bleeding through there pregnancy and gone on to have a healthy baby ?

trying to stay positive and take it day by day but it’s so hard. 

Re: 7 weeks cramps and bleeding

  • I bled at about 7 weeks and it ended up being a subchorionic hemmorage. It completely reabsorbed by my next scan at 12 weeks. Maybe you can insist on another scan? 
  • I'd say you should call your OB/doctor and see about getting beta hcg numbers.  That will give you a better idea if the PG is viable or not.
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  • I have bled during two pregnancies, which have gone to be normal. One resulted in a later unrelated loss and one a healthy baby.

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