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Nausea after bloodwork

Anyone get bad nausea the day of or after blood work? Got routine labs yesterday, only 5 vials, and feel awful and nauseated today. The worst nausea I have had in my pregnancy so far, but it could also be coincidental because I’m at 7 weeks and 2 days .  I bet I didn’t drink enough water after labs.  :'(

Re: Nausea after bloodwork

  • If you are not keeping hydrated that could be an issue, it could be coincidental, honestly I don't think its incidental - then again I am not a medical doctor.  
  • MS can pick up around week 7/8 so it could be you are just experiencing it more. It could be a fluke. It could be you are dehydrated. 
    I’m more inclined to think it is likely just a bad nausea day.  I have days where I may feel moderately okay and days I feel like death. Hang in there.
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