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WTO Tuesday 6/23

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Tuesday 6/23

  • bows22bows22 member

    Month/Cycle: 19/21 including 2 benched. 

    CD: 18

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, Tracking CM

    R/R:  Thought I’d post so we don’t have a blank thread. Finally got a positive OPK last night! That’s late for me so I was thinking I maybe missed it. Got a blazing one this morning so I think O is today! The good news about being a little late with O is that as long as I don’t ovulate early next month, I shouldn’t have to worry about ninja sex while we are at the beach with my family in August! You know, assuming I’m not pregnant, which apparently that’s what I’m assuming haha. 


  • @bows22 yay for O! Hope this is the month for you <3

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, all the vitamins

    R/R: I forgot I was on call last night and ended up getting multiple calls overnight - sooo sleepy today!! I find that I really can't temp accurately because I wake up at night so frequently. My husband recently bought me this thing called Mira - not sure if anyone has heard of it or used it? It's basically LH sticks (like an OPK) but tells you the exact amount of LH. Which for me is still <1 at the moment! 

    CS/Q: nope

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  • kvh22kvh22 member

    @bows22 yay for a positive OPK! I took one yesterday and it was negative. I'm going to continue to post here until I get a temp spike but I can't really tell what's going on so figured I should pull out the LH test strips I have lying around.

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: CD19

    WAYDTGKU: PNVs, BBT charting, EOD timing

    R/R: We ordered way too much food accidentally when we got take out on Saturday - it was a platter of steak, shrimp, and chicken from a mexican restaurant with some veggies + rice and beans on the side, tortilla soup, salad, etc. I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume but it has been so amazing for lunches this week. It makes me want to meal prep a bunch of proteins to throw on salads. We're also doing Home Chef for a second week and I can't wait. I love to cook and really got excited about trying new recipes and mixing things up at the beginning of shelter in place and now I'm sick of those meals we used to make all the time so this is perfect! DH could literally eat the same thing for every meal and be fine so this is purely a "me" problem.

    CS/Q: Day 3 of spotting. I'm so confused. It's very mucousy so pretty much pink and not at all constant but I did put on a liner (TMI?). No temp spike yet.

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  • @bows22 late O definitely better than no O, and timing around being at the beach house sounds perfect!

    @priyadoc sounds like ANOTHER thing i will be looking into to add to my new regimen lol.  let us know how it goes using that!

    @kvh22 leftovers for the win! we usually purposely order extra whenever we do takeout just so its more than one meal taken care of

    Month/Cycle: 6/6

    CD: 3

    WAYDTGKU: prenatals, temping, OPKS, and new for this cycle: Proov and CoQ10

    R/R: i've had an enjoyable two days off from the restaurant and "work" work has been light which is nice.  i am still very tired though and feeling like i'm not catching up.  Otherwise nothing really exciting going on.  

    CS/Q: boring so far

  • @kvh22 Yay for cooking!!! I love to cook too but my H and I are the opposite of you and yours - He needs variety for every meal and I could eat the same thing forever  :D 

    @asf0613 Hope you get some extra rest!!
  • @bows22 Yay for OPK and FX you will be hiding a little bean and not HIO sessions on your family trip! Randomly my ILs both (separately) visited and stayed with us during FWs earlier this year and H and I had to be like "sooo we should probably all go to bed..."  :D

    @priyadoc That is so sweet that YH bought you that, MH is supportive but definitely doesn’t understand any of the testing/tracking very well, he’s always just like “wait what are you sticking in your pee now?” Hope you get some rest after being on call.

    @kvh22 Leftover Mexican for lunch all week sounds like the best problem to have! Sorry for the confusing spotting, you just got off BC right so you are probably still regulating?

    @asf0613 Glad you enjoyed your two days off, hope you can catch up on rest.

    Month/Cycle: 6/7

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: Waiting on test results, gearing up for IVF

    R/R: Sorry for being so MIA still, I keep trying to get my shiz together and just can't seem to. I have a crazy July 1 work deadline and should be able to get it together better after that. We did start HIO because why not but this cycle still feels like a throw away so it's hard to feel motivated to check in every day. Seems like O is on track for this weekend though and then I am not taking progesterone so my LP should be super short. I am still waiting on most of my test results though, it's crazy that they take so long. 

    CS/Q: Nah

    *TTC History*

    Me: 37, MH: 38; Married August 2017

    TTC #1 October 2017: BFP on 12/1/2017, DD born 7/24/2018 @ 37+1 after induction due to preeclampsia

    TTC #2 January 2020: AMA, dx with DOR in May 2020

    IVF July 2020: 16 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 12 fertilized, 3 blasts, 2 PGT-A normal

    FET 10/7/20: BFP on 10/12/20!!! (EDD 6/25/21); First beta 10/16/20 (9dpt): 148; Second beta 10/19/20 (12dpt): 621; Third beta 10/26/20 (19dpt): 4732; Fourth (and final!) beta 11/2/20 (26 dpt): 22,000+

  • @bows22 yayy for positive OPK!

    @kvh22 leftover Mexican sounds perfect! 

    @legallykate looming deadlines mess with me so much. I get hyper focused on that deadline. 

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 13 I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, BBT, OPKs, CM, all the acronyms 😂

    R/R: pretty sure this cycle will be a dud, which makes sense but still makes me sad. 

    CS/Q: just full of -OPKs and temps that don’t make sense. 

    TTC History

    Me: 26 DH: 27

    TTC #1 | June '18-August '18 | DD | Born April 21, 2019 | Due May 10, 2019

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    TTC#2 | June '20-February '21 | DS | Due October 27, 2021

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  • bows22bows22 member
    @priyadoc oh I love the sound of Mira! How sweet of YH!

    @kvh22 I’m sorry if you have mentioned this, are you just coming off of BC? I hope you get some OPK movement or a temp spike soon!

    @asf0613 glad you are getting a little break to let your body reset! I hope you start feeling recharged soon!

    @legallykate I hope you get your test results soon! And that work slows down after your deadline! Also I love that  “hiding a little bean and not HIO sessions” I don’t know if I could have sex with my dad under the same roof, but I hope I don’t have to find out!

    @chimdimples04 don’t get down yet, you never know! 

  • kvh22kvh22 member
    @bows22 & @legallykate yes, just getting off of BC. I got the MMR booster just over a month ago so shouldn't get pregnant for a month after that (in the clear now). Definitely a hormonal thing, I'm just not sure now that it's ovulation and I almost think I should essentially be at CD1 now. I O'ed at CD37 my first cycle off of BC in the past but have never had any spotting that wasn't period related.

    @chindimples04 not to be weird, but how are you tracking BBT? Orally was too all over the place for me in the past so I switched to vaginally and got much better numbers with much clearer crosshairs.

    @asf0613 I can't believe you have a FT and PT job...makes me tired just thinking about it!

    @legallykate at least you can relax over the 4th! And hopefully this cycle turns out better than you expect.

    @priyadoc I also love that YH bought Mira for you. I haven't heard of it but that sounds awesome. DH has purchased tampons/pads for me and is fine to talk about all the period and pregnancy stuff but I'm not sure he'd proactively look for something like that and buy it for me.

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  • @kvh22 orally. I had a 1.1 degree drop from yesterday to today. So strange!
    TTC History

    Me: 26 DH: 27

    TTC #1 | June '18-August '18 | DD | Born April 21, 2019 | Due May 10, 2019

    Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

    TTC#2 | June '20-February '21 | DS | Due October 27, 2021

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