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Vaginal pain after d&c

I had a mmc that was found on Friday. I had a d&c last night. I do not have any pain in the uterine area but it feels like my entire vaginal canal is covered in tiny paper cuts and unless I’m laying down or standing up, it hurts so bad. Has anyone experienced this or something similar? Also, as in right now (5 hours post op) I’m not having any bleeding. 

Thank you 

Re: Vaginal pain after d&c

  • I had a D&C in December, and experienced similar pain as what you're describing. I chalked it up to the "dilation" part of D&C, since they use a speculum to spread the vaginal walls and it's done for a much longer period of time than you're used to with a PAP smear. I didn't have any bleeding afterward (they flushed my uterus with saline after all was done), but did have light spotting the next few days and that was it.
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  • I had a missed miscarriage within almost 11 weeks, it started this past Tuesday. In the next day, my body expelled part of placenta and the undeveloped embryo. After talk with my doctor, I decided to take cytotec, it didn't work, lots of pain and bleeding... so, yesterday morning I had D&C. It was quick, I don't remember much since they put me down. The bleeding has decreased, still cramping and had to have a laxative this morning, I was miserable with horrible intestinal cramps. Like all the physical and emotional pain from this entire process are not enough 😔
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  • @1firstbaby I’m so sorry for your loss and the physical side effects to go along with it. Be gentle with yourself. Hopefully things get better in a couple of days physically. 
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