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How can I maintain weight, gained too much already

I’m really worried, I am only 6 weeks 5 days with my second and I definitely have gained weight fast. I have a history of emotional disordered eating, so I ate a lot when I first found out about the pregnancy. Then my breasts got huge quick, and I only have a little nausea and a big appetite. I want snacks constantly.  My cravings have been for fried food and fresh fruit. I feel terrible that I have gained 5+ pounds already  and I was slightly overweight before the pregnancy. 

Is there hope of maintaining and regulating it going forwards so I don’t gain too much? I feel awful about how I look and I just want to do better for baby.

Re: How can I maintain weight, gained too much already

  • Morning sickness set in for me at 7 weeks - that will probably “help” 😖 
    seriously though, just eat a healthy balanced diet. You need about 200 calories more per day than normal. If you are struggling emotionally perinatal depression is very real, tell your doctor they’ll help.

  • Talk to your doc about your concerns.  
    Don't listen to the pp about morning sickness - you may or may not get it - if you haven't yet.  Throwing up is not a way to control weight.
    1st tri is about survival.  Eat as balanced of a diet as possible, drink water as much as possible, go for a walk.  Honestly  you can fluctuate 5 lbs in a day.  
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  • @ghunter16 it’s also possible some of that weight is from bloating or water retention. Your best bet like others have said is to talk to your provider about this. They can always refer you to a nutrition expert as well to help you come up with the best foods to eat. I’ve been craving a lot of “unhealthy” foods too. Maybe look into better alternatives like baking or air frying. But listen to your body and eat what sounds good and what you can stomach. It’s all about balance too. If you eat a cheeseburger and fries for lunch eat something healthier for dinner. It will be okay! My MS didn’t pick up until 7ish weeks as well and my weight fluctuated a lot the first-second tri. I had a HUGE appetite before my nausea got bad but it slowed down a lot and now it’s pretty normal (third tri). I also try not to weigh myself that often because it makes me think about it a lot. Give yourself some grace! 
  • Bodies will do what they need to support the baby.  I have had the same thing where I felt I was gaining so much in the beginning, but now that I'm in 3rd tri, it's leveling off for me.  Try not to stress, make the best food choices you can, and give your body as much movement as possible.  When you talk to your provider about it, they may or may not share your concerns about it!  They may or may not refer you to a nutritionist. 🤷 But just be open with them and see what they say. (((Hugs))) and Congratulations!!! 🎉
  • @ghunter16 I gained a bunch the first tri of my first pg, my nausea actually had the opposite effect and made me want to eat more because a full stomach was all that settled it down. I agree with @harpseal135, the 1st tri is all about survival, just do the best you can with eating a balanced diet, and talk to your OB about your concerns
  • I feel you. I am starting out overweight and it’s been hard because I had been trying to lose what I gained back since this fall. I’ve been really sick though and lost a bit but it’s been hard to tell my brain to eat!  Some people gain quickly early and it slows, some gain slowly. My mom always reminds me she gained 10lbs in the first tri every pregnancy and then did not gain as much the following two tri’s. Try not to stress about. Make good food choices when you can but if you are struggling and you find anything that sounds good eat it.  You’ve got this! We are all in this together 
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    Don't have any advice, but I'm the same way wanting fried food and fruit. Navajo tacos or Kenyan beef samosas are my go to super easy to make (though they make some dirty dishes) but so yummy and you can make the toppings as full of protein and veggies as you want (I mix in lentils and quinoa to up the protein). I feel good since it's homemade as all good nutrients to grow a baby! But also it's fried satisfaction. 
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