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First monitoring appointment/AFC count question

Hi all! I have my first monitoring appointment tomorrow morning since starting stims and am feeling kind of nervous. This feels like it's the first big chance that our cycle could get cancelled, and I have this fear that my body just has not been responding to the stims at all. Did anyone else feel this way before their first monitoring appointment? Also what were people's AFC counts like at their first monitoring appointment? Did your doctor have a cut off AFC count needed in order to move forward with the cycle?

Thanks ladies!

Re: First monitoring appointment/AFC count question

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    Hi there.  I wish you the very best tomorrow!   My first monitoring appointment after 6 days of shots was very positive, it felt like a miracle to see those huge follicles growing.  One ovary looked like swiss cheese (and I only had 7 total).  So enjoy it--I hope they let you see the screen or take a picture home.  Makes all the injections worthwhile to finally see some progress. 
             I had a cycle where I chose to cancel due to an estrogen-producing cyst and only 2 eggs growing.  I was only out the $$ spent on injection meds, and the next cycle went fine two months later.  Cysts are rare.
           They would have counted your antral follicles before starting stims, even if they didn't tell you a number.   And you may end up with more total follicles than the afc, if a second cohort catches up or if some were hiding.  Antral follicles are only 2mm, barely visible on ultrasound.  But you'll be able to see them quite well tomorrow 🥚🥚🥚🥚!
                                   Take care. 

    P.S.  I was not allowed to do a fresh transfer as my stinkin' progesterone went too high too soon.  Oh I was sad.  Maybe you're doing PGS anyway or are blessed with patience, though.
  • Thanks @callingthestork, very helpful information! At my ultrasound this morning, the tech counted 10 follicles, 8 in one ovary and 2 in the other, all were 8-10mm, so tech seemed pleased with this! We are planning to do a fresh cycle which I am hoping we can because I am not sure I'll have the patience for a frozen cycle! The nurse at the appointment this morning was estimating that our egg retrieval will be around Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so hopefully this is what my RE says also when she calls this afternoon!
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  • Just wanted to update this! Had my second monitoring appointment this morning. Counted 11 follicles today, 4 that were measured and ranged from 12.5 mm - 15 mm and then 7 that were under 10 mm.  Plan is to continue stimming for a few more days and then another ultrasound on Tuesday morning. Doctor said today she thinks things are looking good for an egg retrieval on Thursday or Friday. Hopefully it happens! I'm worried about a cancelled cycle even though my doctor says everything looks good, numbers seem low to me, but trying to not stress too much and just go by what the doctor is saying!
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