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Hi all! First just wanted to say thank you to all for the information that you all have shared here. I have found this board to be an invaluable resource while jumping into the ART world.

My DH and I are in the midst of our first round of IVF with ICSI. We were diagnosed with male factor infertility (DHs sperm count was extremely low, around the 1 million mark originally). Also, my AMH was in the normal range (1.25), but low for my age (31). Because of this, we jumped straight to IVF from trying naturally. We are doing a microdose lupron protocol and am currently on day 3 of stimming with Gonal F.

Just wondering if others diagnosed with male factor infertility went the IVF/ICSI route, and what your experience with it was like. Also, wondering about other's experiences with the microdose lupron have been like. Thanks all!

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  • We did IVF because of Male factor and have a 14 month old and preparing for another FET next week. I have done both protocols, but had better results with the microdose lupron ;)
  • Thanks for this! It is so hopeful to hear success stories!
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  • We did IVF/ICSI for different reasons - my husband carries a chromosomal abnormality so we were doing genetic testing, and ICSI ensured there were no contaminating sperm in the sample that could disrupt the test results. 

    In any case, we had good luck with it. Our embryologist has a record of 90% ICSI fertilization success (higher than the average, which is around 80% I believe). Our numbers were a little worse due to my husband's genetic alterations, so we only got ~55% fertilization. But even still, over 2 rounds of IVF we were able to send 25 embryos for genetic testing and have 6 normals in the freezer! Our first FET is on July 13th.

    Good luck on your first round! It'll go faster than you think. Are you going to do a fresh transfer? 
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