2nd Trimester

Rash on butt cheek

I have a bruise like rash on my butt. Call my ob and he doesn’t know what it’s from..anyone experience this? It’s not itchy or raised. 

Re: Rash on butt cheek

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    Ummm nope no clue. If your dr didn’t know I personally wouldn’t be asking internet strangers about butt rashes with pictures...  call a dermatologist...
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    coldlife2coldlife2 member
    edited June 2020
    Are you sure it's not a bruise? It looks to me like you fell down or sat down a little too hard on an uneven surface - like a set of grated or non-slip/texturized stairs. 
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    @coldlife2 I thought that too, there’s a definite pattern.
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    Chafing from a lounge chair or... Waterslide??? 🤷 

    We probably need more information to diagnose this properly.  Through the internet.
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    alissssaalissssa Just Joined
    Did you ever find out what it was? I am currently experiencing the exact same thing in the same spot!
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    I have a bruising and red large spot on my lower back just above my butt cheek. I have ITP and so my platelets are dropping fast and my mom thinks it might be due to that. I have to see a hematologist so I’m gonna ask him.
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    edited July 2022
    Okay now I’m in the same boat 2 weeks postpartum. Any answers? Mine looks identical
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    It means low iron
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