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WRW June 2020

***General TW that this thread might contain discussions mentioning MC and loss.*** 

Welcome to Waiting Room Wednesday! You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on not TTC and connect with others who are in the same boat. TTC can be a long journey, and having to wait makes it feel even longer -- even if it is for a good reason. 

I invite you to resurrect this thread at any point in the month if you have something to say. Treat this like an ongoing conversation. 

When do you think you will start TTC? 

What brings you to WRW?

Any R/R?

GTKY: What’s your current bingeworthy tv? 

Re: WRW June 2020

  • Hi there!

    TTC: We decided to remove my IUD in late July and start trying shortly after. I recently signed up for a short term disability policy that requires no delivery for the first 10 months so we aren’t going to be really tracking/trying probably until September 2020.

    Why WRW: I can only read so much about what to do when preparing for TTC and it’s nice to have other people to talk to about the wait. I’m also very excited that my wait is getting shorter than when I first started posting! 

    Rant: Lately life in quarantine is feeling very unfulfilling, I feel like I’m just killing time all the time and I miss feeling fulfilled by my day to day activities. I’m also emotionally exhausted trying to navigate all the social unrest and conversations about race/police/covid. As a POC there seems to be little to no reprieve and it’s tiring to have to think/talk/process all the time.

    Rave: I have an arrangement with my cousin to homeschool/babysit her two kids for the next few weeks and I’m loving having their company during the day and helping them to learn. They bring a lightness and brightness to my world.

    GTKY: I’ve been moving through Space Force on Netflix pretty quickly, didn’t make me laugh out loud but deff humorous. 

  • @xwhyandz omg I’m so sorry that I’m replying so late! The bump wasn’t letting me reply or post or add new discussion or ANYTHING! So frustrating! Ahh! Such good news! I can’t believe it’s later this month that you’re taking the first steps for TTC! Yay! 

    I’m sorry that lockdown and the state of the world (particularly America) is giving you such unrest. I know the feeling. I hope you’ve started to feel more uplifted since you’ve posted this! 

    You already know my whole shabang so I’ll just do the GTKY: I have a really hard time binging shows lol it just gets too much for me to keep my head in that “world” the only shows I ever really “binge” (if you could even call it binging on my end) are reality TV shows - currently behind on Big Brother so I’m catching up there! 
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