Pregnant after 35


Hello everyone! 38 years old and finally expecting my first 01/24/21. I’m cautiously optimistic as I have a past with endometriosis and was told I would only have about a 1% chance of conceiving on my own. Here’s to the disbelief that the 1% actually happened. I still may not believe the 4 positives and am waiting patiently for my 8 wk appt. I’m nervous, overwhelmed and anxious.

Re: Introduction

  • Greetings  :) 
    Update? How is your pregnancy going? 
    I'm 38 too and also expecting my first, although I have had one miscarriage. I too have endometriosis, and chronic endometritis. Last time I got pregnant naturally after laparoscopy. This time GIFT.
    Have you been TTC for long? Did you do any ART? Doctors lie, right? Keep in mind that the more interventions you do, the more money they make. Anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope it works out beautifully for you! 
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