2nd Trimester

Pregnancy pillows!

Hi! I’m almost 23 weeks, 34 years old, and have some sore hips lol. The pillow between legs isn’t cutting it. I’m fine during day, but laying on my sides, makes my hips sore by 4 am. Anything you guys can recommend that won’t break the bank? Thank you! 

Re: Pregnancy pillows!

  • Try sleeping in a recliner. Someone on my bmb mentioned it and I tried it out when my hips were bad and it helps
  • I slept on my back with my legs propped up on a pillow under my knees. Always helped me. Also using a heating pad on low under my butt or hip that was hurting. I ended up doing PT for my hip and sciatica pain and it definitely helped me sleep better. You can look up pregnancy safe sciatica stretches to see if that helps. 

    I liked the snoogle pillow. You can usually find them gently used and they come with a cover you can wash. Otherwise getting a wedge pillow to use under your stomach or even two body pillows to create a nest for sleeping can help too. Hope you get some relief soon!
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