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Has anyone else had oligohydramnios or low aminiotic fluid in second trimester?

My Dr wants me to see a specialist because of suspected oligohydramnios (low aminiotic fluid).

Just wondering if any one else has this issue during early pregnancy (I'm currently at week 14) and how did it work out. I'm kinda nervous encouragement and advice would also be appreciated.


Re: Has anyone else had oligohydramnios or low aminiotic fluid in second trimester?

  • I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m 12 weeks and have an ultrasound at 15 weeks to check fluid levels and growth bc of our 17 week loss last year. I don’t have any advice but would love to know what they say when you talk to the dr. Best wishes. 
  • Thanks for responding. I did have very low fluid levels and was in the care of a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist from week 13 of my pregnancy. The Dr was pragmatic and the outcome didn't look good and she prepared me for possible miscarriage or still birth by week 21 the Dr told me the baby would definitely come early. I ended up have a Crash C-section after my water broke in week 26. He was born 1 lb 5 oz and needed to be intubated immediately. Drs told my husband after baby was born that he had 50/50 chance of survival. It's now been 3 and a half months of Baby being in the NICU and he is doing much better. He has problems with his lungs but he has continued to surprise the drs with his resilience. We hope he will be home some time in January. 

    Lots of the nurses call him our miracle baby. 
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  • Hi i had low fluid starting at 19 weeks, and baby had small head and was severly growth restricted throughout my pregnancy. I got referred to fetal medicine as a high risk pregnany for testing and monitoring at 22 weeks. All ultrasounds resulted in poor images due to the low fluid, where they couldn't be sure if my baby had deformities and explained that low fluid and head in the 2nd percentile could indicate that the baby could be sick and if tests showed anything we could consider late termination. I was tested for all the trisonomies, zika and others over the next 10 weeks, had ultrasounds bi-weekly, and was put on bed rest. By 32 weeks everything came back negative and the fluid had slightly increased with bed rest (and home remedie - will list below). I was moved to low risk, had a c-section at 37 weeks when my fluid dropped again and delivered a beautiful and perfect 5.6 pounds baby girl. She is almost 2 and is above normal on all growth charts. Her head is normal sized. In the end the placenta failed which caused the low fluid and the low fluid caused the growth restrictions. 

    If anyone is wondering what home remedies i used for low fluid. I had a premier protein shake daily as increased protein is supposed to help with low fluid. Another thing I did was a packet of knox geletin dissolved in a cup of hot water with a splash of juice 1-2x per day - midwives recommended this for low fluid. I also sat in a bathtub/walked around in a pool a couple of times a week - belly submerged in water is supposed to help but I dont remember why. 

    Stay strong, it's scary and stressful to get news like this - I hope my story brings you some comfort knowing that it all turned out well in the end. 
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