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First time FET - what to expect?

Hi ladies! I'm so excited that my clinic is finally re-starting cycles. This will be my very first frozen embryo transfer after 2 rounds of IVF+PGD. My doctor currently has me on birth control to suppress my ovaries. Has anyone here had an artificial/medicated cycle that would be willing to share what meds they took & for how long before the transfer? My clinic is super slammed right now and they haven't sent my FET calendar yet - but I'm just so excited and impatient and trying desperately to get an idea of how long the FET cycle typically takes. :) Please help soothe my crazy mind!

Re: First time FET - what to expect?

  • Hi! I'm starting my next cycle now as well :) I've had 2 so far & both have gone like this.

    Day 2 of period, go in for estradiol & progesterone blood test- If all is good start Estrace in the am & pm
    3 days later, go back for estradiol test to make sure I'm on correct dosage
    Cycle day 15 go in for ultrasound to make sure lining looks good. Start Progesterone shots in the PM
    5 days later (cycle day 20 EMBRYO TRANSFER :-D 

    Good luck with your cycle!! 
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  • @famiylgrl86 - thanks for the reply!! Day 20 would be amazing, it seems so much faster than I was expecting. I think IVF and infertility have trained me to expect everything to take a looooonnnnggg time haha. :) Fingers crossed! My baseline is scheduled for Thursday.
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  • lol I hear ya! It takes forever to get here, but usually flies by once you're in the cycle. Hope we both get our babies this cycle :smiley: I just had my baseline last Thursday so if all goes well I'll have my transfer on the 22nd.
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  • My protocol is similar, but there are some differences.  For the most part, my RE only does medicated FETs and he does transfers either Monday or Friday now.  I will put my dates for each item to help the timeline not be so confusing.


    5/21 – Endo Scratch

    5/30 – Saturday Last BCP

    6/2 – Tuesday Baseline US and Bloodwork the Tuesday after last BPC

    6/3 – Wednesday Start 2mg Estradiol 2x day for 7 days

    6/10 – Wednesday increase Estradiol 3x day for 7 days

    6/16 – Tuesday Lining Check Ultrasound and Bloodwork

    6/17 – If US and BW are good, begin PIO injections, Claritin, Pepcid, antibiotic, and steroid (antibiotic and steroid are only for 4 days)

    6/22 – Monday Transfer

    7/1 – Wednesday Beta, add progesterone suppositories

    7/3 – 2nd Beta

  • @becca07024411 - Thanks for sharing so much detail! It looks similar to what my doctor has prescribed, apart from the Pepcid. I was given a steroid & antibiotic for a few days before xfer as well, I assume its to keep things clean and uninflammed during the transfer? 

    Do either of you have trouble growing a thick enough lining? Ever since I got off my IUD 3 years ago, my periods have been really light and short. I worry that I won't be able to get thick enough on a standard dosing regimen...
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