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Two vessel umbilical cord

Waiting for confirmation of a two vessel umbilical cord. Looking for support and info. So far baby has developed normally. 

Re: Two vessel umbilical cord

  • I haven’t personally experienced this, but a close friend of mine did. She got lots of extra peeks at the baby, and all was well! 
  • I'm 19weeks and just found out at my anatomy scan this week that I also have a 2 vessel cord. My detailed ultrasound with the high risk doc has been scheduled, but this waiting in between is THE WORST! I just want to KNOW that everything is ok. I hope everything has worked out for you. Just know you're not alone!
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  • Me three! Everything has been fine thus far. Just a ton more doctor appointments and extra peeks at the baby. Hope all has gone well for you as well!

  • I have an almost 5 year old that had this. She’s perfect in every way. I did have two NST’s a week from 13 weeks until I was induced at 38. She did not have any other abnormalities besides this but I spent my entire pregnancy quite nervous about what can go wrong in this situation. I calmed my
    nerves a tiny with a home Doppler.
    She failed every single NST for lack of movement except for the one that was performed when she had hiccups. I was evaluated by Labor & Delivery after every single NST because of this so I wound up getting an ultrasound just about every week.
    I know it’s very difficult not to feel anxious or worried but try to stay positive and know that in all likelihood everything will be fine. I regret wasting so many days filled with fear and anxiety instead of handing it over to the universe (my higher power) or god or whatever else you believe in.
  • My baby has that and she’s been measuring small. Her abdomen is at less than 1%. I’m 1 month from delivery and I see both ob and high risk drs. They say it’s ok. Is there anything I can do to ensure I give her the best chance?
  • lilswedlilswed member
    Read with hope- Had this with my first- it did take us down a long road of medical stuff and my daughter needing surgery- but I am forever grateful that they found it because it let me know what was coming, we had a plan in place, I had time to prepare, and best of all my daughter is alive and healthy. 

    Statistically what I went through was rare- most people I know who have the dual cord just get extra ultrasounds! 
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