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Please help, likely miscarriage. TMI Warning

Hi everyone. I had a positive pregnancy test last Saturday, confirmed at my OB last Tuesday. I would be 5 weeks 2 days today. I have been spotting basically ever since my positive test, my doctor said it was likely implantation bleeding and wasn’t concerned but is monitoring my HCG levels. I go tomorrow for recheck. However, yesterday my bleeding became heavier, more than spotting but lighter than a period. Filling around half a pad every three hours or so. Late last night I passed some tissue. Prior to that I had no clotting and no cramping, I just wiped and there were two fairly small pieces.(it looks larger in the photo than it actually was) I’m almost positive I’ve miscarried but I’m just seeking someone who has had a similar experience and may be able to help. Thank you. 

Re: Please help, likely miscarriage. TMI Warning

  • Hi there,  
    I'm sorry you're having bleeding issues! I was about 5.5 weeks when I started having spotting which turned into bleeding. Ended up I having a subchorionic hemorrhage. Basically a blood clot in the uterus where either the placenta or the baby sac tore away from the edge.  Dr. said MOST people with that can go on to have a healthy pregnancy. I however,  bled for almost 7 weeks before miscarrying at 12 weeks. :( I'd definitely go get checked out though! Praying for you and baby. <3
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