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Which name? Josephine or Zoe

Need help deciding on name. Josephine (with nickname Josie) or Zoe(y).

Does Josephine sound too old fashioned?

If you like Zoe(y) do you prefer with or without the "y"?

Does Zoe(y) sound like a name you can see a grown woman with (I've read a lot of comments that it sounds childish to some people)? 

Re: Which name? Josephine or Zoe

  • meggymemeggyme member
    Josephine. I don’t think it sounds too old fashioned and I think it has nickname potential for all stages of life.
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  • Agree with @meggyme. Josephine all the way. 

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  • Josephine!  That was my #1 pick but hubby vetoed, so it's my girl's middle name.  
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  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Love Josephine and all its nicknames.
    I like Zoe (no y) and it would age fine but I think Josephine has so much more appeal.
  • I really like them both but would choose what flows best with last name. 
  • gineeogineeo member
    They both do. Last name is just two syllables and pretty much anything goes with it.
  • Josephine is a super pretty name and I love the nickname Josie
  • Zoe was my dog's name and so Josephine it is. 
  • gineeogineeo member
    I've been reading that Zoe is a popular name for dogs! My kids have been wanting a dog...maybe I will save Zoe for a pet if we go with Josephine (this will be our last child anyways).
  • I have a Zoe! We sometimes call her Zo or ZoZo. It’s actually an old fashioned name as well. Josephine is beautiful. I wanted to name my first Josephine but DH vetoed it. I don’t think you can go wrong. And don’t let people giving their dogs human names keep you from using a name if you love it!
  • gineeogineeo member
    Thank you! Zoe is a name that I have loved for a very long time - before it became popular. 
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