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Baby weight gain

Hi Moms. My baby girl was born on 31st March'20, 58 days old now. Her birth weight was 2.4 kg and as on 16th may it is 2.9 kg. She reached her birth weight in 3 weeks abs since then weight gain is 10-20gms per day. She is exclusively on breast feed and i a trying to feed her evry 2-3 hours, sometimes in the night gaps are 4 hours. Sometimes she latches on for hour also, is this okay? I am worried about her. There is no support also at home. Pls guide and share if any one has similar experience. What to do in this case? paedetrician saying weight gain is slow , any advice why it is so. Should we supplement with formula? Hope there is no underlying issues

Re: Baby weight gain

  • I'm sorry you're struggling with weight gain, I know how frustrating that can be. With my DS, he gained fine at first and then it slowed way down until he was severely underweight (sounds similar to what you're dealing with). For whatever reason, my milk stopped or slowed down. In our case, we supplemented with formula and he plumped right up. There are things you can do to try and increase your milk supply like pumping after feedings to trick your body into producing more but check with your LO's doctor. He or she can give you ideas or recommendations. I know it's frustrating. The most important thing is a well fed baby whether it's breast milk or formula. Good luck!
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