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Pregnancy symptoms at 6W

Sorry for creating multiple threads but I don't want responses to be messed up. As shared in my previous post, I have not been having any symptoms yet at 6W. Is it normal or could it be a thing of concern?

Re: Pregnancy symptoms at 6W

  • n0soup4un0soup4u member
    Hi. Welcome. Please post anything like this in the symptoms thread. 
  • That’s is totally normal! I didn’t have any symptoms at all, aside from my period ghosting me, until the day after my positive test. With all three of my previous pregnancies I didn’t really have immediate symptoms. If it’s making you nervous, keep peeing on sticks to reassure yourself! I have a friend with bad anxiety and that’s what she did to keep herself sane the first few weeks.
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  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @cnc2020 I agree that the symptoms thread is great. People will tag you with responses so you don’t have to worry about missing things. So please use that in the future but yes very normal. Some pregnancies never experience morning sickness or other standard clues. Stay positive and keep engaging on the other threads. This actually been addressed in the symptoms thread already :) 
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  • cnc2020cnc2020 member
    n0soup4u said:
    Hi. Welcome. Please post anything like this in the symptoms thread. 
    Hi Noted, new member here, so just trying to get used to the site :) 
  • cnc2020cnc2020 member
    btw, can anyone please guide me to symptoms thread ? 
  • @cnc2020 I tagged you in it.  It'll say weekly symptoms with the date for each week.
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