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Husbands banned from attending ultrasounds?

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Our state is slowly reopening and I am happy there were precautions taken, but I think it is now going overboard. 

My husband and I are expecting our first and had the 32 week ultrasound today. Our OB's office has regulations in place such as temp checks, masks required to be worn by all, social distancing, etc. The newest rule is that spouse can not attend ultrasounds or appointments. 

This is frustrating for a few reasons: I am already exposed to my husband's germs. Covid is contagious even if asymptomatic. If my husband and I are required to return to work after being called back from furlough, shouldn't he be allowed to attend the ultrasound/appointments? What is to keep the hospital from stating he can't be present at all during birth in 2 months? I am panicking more about birth and my partner missing out on seeing his son or daughter.

What is most infuriating is that the office stated they would provide a cd of the ultrasound for my husband to view. Got home and found 4 pictures instead of everything I was able to view during the appointment. I cried and called the office. Why tell pregnant women and their significant others that there is an alternative when it pales in comparison. This is already a nightmare without birthing classes or a support person.

What if they find something during the ultrasound and OB tells the mom who has no one with her? What if she can't handle or cope? This is especially true for us as this is our rainbow baby (lost our previous at 10 weeks so we never got to see them). 

I usually don't rant and I am a rule follower but my heart hurts so bad today thinking of everything we are experiencing and coping. I know people are passing and getting sick but if all prevautions by WHO, CDC, and ODH are being met, why do this alone? 

Anyone else? 

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