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Please help me

So my son will b a year old next month and he has never once slept through the night.bedtime takes forever and he wakes up screaming.sometimes once a night sometimes 2 and other times every 2 hours and other times every half hour.there is no consistency and I have tried everything.
This has been goin on his whole life.
Letting him cry does not work.i nurse him to sleep and that doesn’t work I rock him to sleep that doesn’t work
I’ve tried different clothes and different blankets I’ve tried covering him up in a different way I’ve even tried sleep sacks
I’ve given him Tylenol at night
He’s well fed and warm but not hot he’s got a clean dry diaper

My husband has tried
All the doctor said was to let him cry it out and that it would get better after 6 months

I literally don’t kno wat else to do and now I’m thinking something is wrong with him
Wat would cause a baby to never sleep

I can’t do it anymore

Re: Please help me

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